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Who Wants to Blast Belly Fat With Chocolate?
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92 pages of delicious fat-burning chocolate recipes in mouthwatering full color. Sells for $49.95 on Amazon, but while supplies last it's FREE for you! All we ask is that you cover shipping.
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FREE HARD COPY BOOK: It's True! When You Use Chocolate The Right Way... It's Actually a Health Food. These Recipes are Formulated To Help You Burn Belly Fat, Balance Your Hormones, All While You Enjoy a Heavenly Treat!

  • Over 92 beautiful, full-color pages filled with belly fat-fighting recipes using easy to find ingredients.
  • Beat cravings, stop compulsive eating, and satisfy your sweet-tooth with guilt free decadence! Which indulgent recipe will be your new favorite?
  • Fast, convenient and easy to make recipes using healthy ingredients that help to balance your hormones and rev your metabolism.
  • Plus: Discover little known belly-fat blasting, money-saving tips that turn ordinary recipes into your weight loss secret weapon...
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Delicious Chocolate Recipes Formulated To Blast Fat

Just tell us where to ship your free Fat-Burning Chocolate Recipes book! All we ask is that you cover the shipping.

What Makes a SANE Certified™ Chocolate Recipe Different?

  • Backed By Research: Scientifically tested ingredients that help you burn fat, boost energy levels, and improve your overall health while you indulge your sweet-tooth.
  • Always Great Tasting: Created by top chefs to taste out-of-this-world using simple, easy to find ingredients.
  • Heal Your Hormones: Getting your hormones back in balance is the first step to burning belly fat. These are the recipes you need!
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