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PART 1: Don’t Make The MISTAKE Of Blending Your Next Smoothie Without These Secrets...

PART 1: Don’t Make The MISTAKE Of Blending Your Next Smoothie Without These Secrets...

  • The 5 critical ingredients that every smoothie you make should have if you want to see maximum weight loss results on page 13.
  • Which natural source of protein packs the most fat-burning power in every sip can be found on page 15
  • The 3 all-natural, sugar substitutes that will help “yummify” your smoothie without adding extra inches to your belly like most smoothie recipes is found on page 17.
  • 5 simple secrets to improve the taste and texture of your smoothies... #4 is a shocker but creates amazing results. You’ll find all five of them on page 20.
  • A little known ingredient that is not only proven in studies to reduce your risk of diabetes but also will help you avoid overeating. You will see it on page 23. It sounds weird, but it works!
  • Ever been confused about juicing vs. smoothies? Learn the truth about why smoothies are far better for your health and waistline on page 29. (Hint: Most juicing recipes are incredibly high in fattening sugar.)
  • On page 30 discover the strange “fruit” that you would never suspect makes your smoothies out of this world delicious, filling and creamy!
  • Page 31 reveals 4 exotic “skinny fats” you should be adding to your smoothies if you want the most fat-burning bang for your buck.
  • An “odd” but all-natural smoothie energy booster is on page 34. You can add this delicious treat to your smoothie to radically increase your energy without the crash from caffeine or sugar.
  • And that is just a fraction of the life-changing smoothie secrets that are contained in this guide.

PART 2: Get HD Quality, Step-By-Step Videos Showing You EXACTLY How to Make Your Smoothies “The Right Way” To Burn Belly Fat

VIDEO #1: Slimming Smoothies Quick Start Guide

  • Learn why your new daily smoothie habit is the fastest and easiest way to balance your hormones, improve gut health, and even rewire your brain to end food cravings.
  • Discover the key to long term success with smoothies and why long-term is the best mindset for permanent, sustainable weight loss.
  • End yo-yo dieting forever with a few simple insights and truths—all backed by clinical research—that you won’t hear anywhere else.

VIDEO #2: Smoothie Basics: How to “Paint-By-Number”

  • Watch as Jonathan shows you his “paint by numbers” system for perfect, creamy and fat-blasting smoothies every time.
  • The two types of smoothies that are all you need to reach your health goals as fast and easily as possible… The first type is the easiest way to do the only thing that every doctor and health “guru” agree on!
  • The clinically proven 50/20/30 rule that will ensure your smoothies are always helping you cut cravings and turning up your metabolism.

VIDEO #3: Smoothie Superfoods & Taste Turbochargers

  • Make your smoothies taste more like creamy jello pudding with this weird secret ingredient… and, as an added bonus, it will make your skin glow and reduce joint pain!
  • Which delicious superfoods you must add to your smoothie for maximum fat-fighting and which are just a waste of time and money.
  • A common spice that may be in your cupboard right now that not only improves the taste of your smoothies but can also help stabilize your blood sugar and fight off diabetes.

VIDEO #4: How To Blend The Perfect Smoothie

  • Making the perfect belly-shrinking smoothie consistently requires not only the right ingredients, but adding them in the right order... I will show you exactly how to get it right every time.
  • Save time, money and your sanity with my batch blending system that will have you stocked with belly fat blasting smoothies for the entire week in just one “smoothie session.”
  • Smoothies not really smooth? Then you may be blending your smoothies all wrong... Learn how you can easily fix this common problem that causes chalky smoothies.

VIDEO #5: Advanced Smoothie Techniques and Tricks

  • Discover how you can turn your blender into the ultimate kitchen “jack of all trades” and create delicious and fat-burning soups unlike anything you have tasted before.
  • The smart way to make “infused vitamin water” while you save over $27 per week on sugary drinks and protect yourself from dangerous BPAs from plastic bottles.
  • Create decadent “dessert smoothies”... yes they taste even better than they sound. And when you make them the SANE way, they will help you fight belly fat in the most indulgent way possible!

PART 3: 33 Smoothie “Secret" Ingredients Cheat Sheet For Easy Reference

Enjoy over 33 little known ingredients you can add to your smoothies in just seconds to boost your energy, gently detoxify your body and supercharge your metabolism for increased fat-loss.

With this handy reference you will always know what "secret" ingredients you should add to your next smoothie. Plus, it makes shopping a breeze!

These cheat sheets are valued at $17 and they are yours today as part of the Slimming Smoothie Secrets Step-By-Step Kit.

Get the Slimming Smoothie Secrets Step-By-Step Kit and weight loss bonuses TODAY ONLY for just $244.85 $9 (you save $235.85) Yes, I Want To Lose Weight With Smoothies! Expires at Midnight. Limit One Per Household.

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SANE Is Trusted & Endorsed By Medical Doctors:

PLUS: Start Seeing Results Fast and Lose The Weight For Good With Fat-Burning Soups, Desserts, a Scientifically Proven 5 Week Quick Start Plan—and More!

When you start your SANE smoothie journey with us today, we want to guarantee your success with 8 free gifts that will ensure long term weight loss and all day energy.

BONUS #1: Fat-Burning Chocolate Recipes

First, you are going to get instant access to our Fat-Burning Chocolate Recipes, many of which you can actually make right in your blender. This makes them so simple, fast and easy to make you won’t believe your eyes... or your tastebuds :)

And yes, these are actual delicious, chocolate-filled treats that help you fight fat because they are all 100% SANE Certified and all use scientifically proven ingredients to help you stay full and naturally heal your hormones.

Includes indulgent treats like: Creamy Chocolate Porridge on page 19, Mint Chocolate Pudding on page 26, Mayan Cherry Breeze Smoothie on page 39, or how about a Coco-Cranberry Dreamsicle Smoothie on page 57. And so many more, all with tempting full color pictures!

BONUS #2: 99 Fat-Burning Soup, Breakfast, & Lunch Recipes

Get instant access to over 218 pages with mouth-watering full color images of Soups, Breakfasts and Lunches so you can burn fat all day long.

Many of the soups in this incredible collection are made right in your blender so they are fast and convenient to make, and clean-up is a breeze.

Includes mouth-watering recipes like: Creamy Cauliflower Soup on page 197, Simple Cream Of Mushroom Soup on page 209, Zucchini Curry Soup on page 213, and Ginger Carrot Soup on page 199.

BONUS #3: NY Times Bestselling Calorie Myth Audiobook

What if you could eat more, exercise less, and lose weight? What if the world's most advanced science from the nation's most trusted medical institutions proved it?

This book has been translated into nearly a dozen different languages and sold in countries around the world. And I know it will translate into dramatic weight-loss benefits for your whole family because after more than 15 years of research and study deep within university libraries as well as working directly with the top medical doctors who specialize in lasting weight loss, I uncovered that almost everything we thought we knew about weight loss is dead wrong.

If you have ever struggled with yo-yo dieting, this engaging audiobook will reveal the truth and prove once and for all it's not your fault. It's the fault of outdated advice.

BONUS #4: 5 Week Quick Start Guide With Meal Plan

Includes handy worksheets, exercises, and an easy-to-follow meal plan with over 50 new recipes to add to your collection.

Smoothies are a great start, but this guide will help turn every meal into a delicious way to balance your hormones and heal and nourish your body, all while you shed unwanted pounds.

When you make just a few small tweaks and smart slimming substitutions that you will discover in this guide, you will see and feel a dramatic improvement in the way you look and feel every single day!

BONUS #5: “More For Less” Exercise Guide

You will learn about a new type of low-impact body movement program called “Eccentric Resistance Training” that is scientifically proven to activate the hard-to-target types of muscle fibers that can burn up to twice as many calories as your other muscle fibers.

This guide provides all the techniques you need to get better results in 20 minutes rather than doing 10 hours of boring jogging on a treadmill... literally! The science is amazing.

Contains complete at-home and at-gym exercise programs, plus an easy to use tracker and schedule, so you always know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it for the best results possible in as little time as possible.


Meet America’s #1 Expert On Natural, Long-Term Weight Loss

Jonathan Bailor is a New York Times bestselling author and internationally recognized Wellness Engineer who specializes in permanent weight loss.

His system is backed by over 1,300 clinically proven studies and has been endorsed by top doctors at Harvard Medical School, The Mayo Clinic, Johns’ Hopkins, The Cleveland Clinic, and UCLA thanks to its proven results with tens of thousands of people.

Within the Slimming Smoothie Secrets Step-By-Step Kit, Jonathan will guide you to your health goals in his uniquely motivating and high energy style. You will learn simple scientifically proven strategies to shed excess belly fat, boost your energy, and get off the yo-yo diet rollercoaster forever… all using the delicious and satisfying power of smoothies!

Jonathan has been featured on:

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Get the Slimming Smoothie Secrets Step-By-Step Kit and weight loss bonuses TODAY ONLY for just $244.85 $9 (you save $235.85) Yes, I Want To Lose Weight With Smoothies! Expires at Midnight. Limit One Per Household.

60 Day Money Back

Try it for 60 days and if you don’t
love it, get your money back.


Limited time offer only available on this page.


We are here from 9 AM to 6 PM EST

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