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Can You Really Prevent Diabesity by Losing Weight?

If you have had a hard time losing weight, you’re not alone. Studies show that the average adult tries four weight-loss diets a year. If they have to make several stabs at this dieting thing, they’re not doing any better than you are. Prevent Diabesity By Losing Weight But now, the threat of diabesity is […]


Women’s World SANE Review: How to Achieve Automatic Weight Loss (By Lowering Your Setpoint)

Automatic Weight Loss: Women’s World Review of The Setpoint Diet Do you think automatic weight loss is impossible? We don’t blame you. Like everyone else, you’ve probably been taught — and know from your own experience — that losing weight is hard. There is nothing easy or automatic about it. To lose weight, the “experts” […]

The Setpoint Diet Book: The Amazingly Simple Way to Lose Weight

In the pages of Jonathan Bailor’s latest bestseller The Setpoint Diet book, you’ll find a scientifically proven, simple way to lose weight permanently. Without hunger. Without deprivation or misery or guilt or shame. The Setpoint Diet book doesn’t make you count calories or points. It doesn’t give you endless menus you must follow exactly to reap […]

What is Setpoint Weight Loss And Why It Matters WAY More Than Calories

If you’ve been asking, “What is setpoint weight loss?” and not getting a good answer from the weight-loss community, there’s a reason for that. Most traditional weight-loss programs and dieting gurus don’t know anything about setpoint weight loss. Consequently, most of these diets focus on the wrong thing. You see, there is a huge myth […]

How to Lower Your Setpoint Weight

Before we show you how to lower your setpoint weight and give you the four steps to lasting weight loss transformation, we need to acknowledge the elephant in the room. It is the massive amount of misinformation out there when it comes to weight loss and that special four-letter word: “diet”. Count calories. Fat is […]