Miss America Organization Ushers in 100th Anniversary with SANESolution and the BETTER Movie to Redefine Women’s Wellness with Science-Backed Program Endorsed by Harvard Medical Doctors.

The Miss America Organization with SANESolution and the BETTER movie are exclusive Peak Wellness Partners and, SANESolution Founder, Jonathan Bailor, is the exclusive Personal Growth Advisor to further the organization’s new initiative to redefine women’s wellness to be focused on optimal health rather than physical appearance.

“By eliminating the swimsuit competition, it created an opportunity for us to redefine women’s wellness and what it means to be a great woman today in modern America,” said Shantel Krebs, Chair of the Board, and CEO of Miss America. “As we usher in the 100th year of our organization, we are excited to partner with SANESolution, the BETTER movie, and Jonathan Bailor to provide a science-backed program endorsed by Harvard medical doctors for optimal women’s wellness as we continue our commitment to helping women be the best versions of themselves. An important initiative for the future of our organization, having access to their curriculum will give our candidates and community the tools to learn a better way to take care of themselves and their loved ones.”

Official SANESolution & Miss America Press Release