Viscera-3 Review: My productivity has skyrocketed!

From the first day I took my Viscera-3 capsules, my lifestyle started changing in amazing ways that I had not anticipated.  My entire day used to be spent looking forward to my next meal. I used to know by the time I finished a meal, when and what I’d eat for my next meal, or snack. But I’ve not planned like that since the day I started taking this supplement. I eat, but the obsession seems to have vanished from day one. 

What excites me more than knowing the 60 pounds that I’ve been struggling to lose for the last 12 years, is actually starting to budge, is the increase that I now have in my motivation and productivity.  I have gotten more done in the last three weeks than I have in the last 5 years, or more. It doesn’t seem possible, but the evening of the first day I took my Viscera-3 capsules, I worked on a project for 3-4 hours that I’d been emotionally incapable of dealing with for two years.  

I’m not one to write reviews, but Jonathan’s explanation of how his “patented tributyrate” benefits the brain and helps with weight loss, made an impact on me.  I was skeptical at first but since taking Viscera-3, my productivity has skyrocketed and I think more clearly.  I feel that I’m more fun to be around because I no longer  feel like I’m faking being happy. Even if I never lose a pound, I will take Viscera-3 as long as they keep making it. I’m loving the way I feel every day…about everything… almost!

Lisa H.

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