Vitaae Review: Measurable improvement in my memory!

I love to share good things with others so I had to write this.  In the short time span that I have been taking Vitaae, I haven noticed palpable and measurable improvement in my memory.   At 75, I was starting to have memory slips, “ Where did I leave my phone?”  Why did I come into this room?”  Uh oh, “ I left my shopping list at home.”

Now that I am on my third bottle of Vitaae I have noticed that those memory slips are just not happening! Seriously! It is startling and is very reassuring.   I left my glasses in another room yesterday; I stopped to think for a moment and I could envision exactly where I had left them and went immediately to the spot to retrieve them.  I went shopping without a list and remembered everything.

There are many more examples that make me realize that I have made a complete 180 from just a month ago.

Gregg A.

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