Vitaae Review: No more throat clearing!

For months I lived with what seemed like sinus issues and excess phlegm. I saw my primary care doc several times with no luck, and she finally referred me to an ENT. Both doctors couldn’t find a solution. I used a Nettie Pot twice a day and lived on Sudafed but still never found relief. Clearing my throat a million times a day was exhausting and defeating. 

Then, one day on Instagram, I saw an ad for SANE Vitaae.

Of course I was skeptical, but the informational video made sense so I ordered 3 bottles and approached the concept with the attitude of…what do I have to lose? 

It’s been 3 weeks since beginning Vitaae, and I am so surprised. No more throat clearing, no more excess phlegm and my energy level is back so I can enjoy running again. I am truly enjoying my phlegm free life again. Thank you, SANE!

Denney H.

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