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Annice’s Story: SANE Helped Me LIVE Again

            “SANE is so much more than weight loss: It is not effortless but much easier than anything I’ve done health wise.”   Have you ever had a terrible nightmare from which you couldn’t wake up?  A bad dream where your feet are all tangled up and you can’t move […]

Mary’s SANE Story: From Low Energy to Actively Living

The “tipping point” that compelled me to take major action came after reading “The Calorie Myth;” it changed my life. Since I have been eating SANE, my energy has increased overall and my pain has reduced enough to let me resume a more active lifestyle. I have also decreased a few clothing sizes. What makes […]

Diane’s In Progress SANE Story – Down 14 Inches

I decided to make a change in my life when I scheduled a trip to France and would be staying on the 4th floor of a building that didn’t have an elevator. Also, I wanted to look good for a 50th high school reunion. My life is better since discovering SANE in that my clothes […]

Karen’s In Progress SANE Story – Renewed Energy

One night while sleeping, I turned over onto my stomach and had to reach with my hand to lift and move the excess skin around my waist.  That was the “tipping point” that compelled me to take major action in my life. My life is significantly better since discovering SANE in that I can now […]