Can you poop out fat?

If you’re in search of ways to poop out fat then you’ve landed on the right post! Fixing farts, putting an end to bloating, and enjoying a healthier (and happier) poop is possible with SANE postbiotics known as Viscera-3, and here’s how.

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Can you poop out fat easily?

There is one “stinky” nutrient that is indeed fixing farts, helping with bloating, creating perfect poops, and achieving weight loss from slimming waists up to five and even seven inches.

Why the SANE Solution postbiotic anyways?

Because SANE is backed by Top Doctors and CEO of SANESolution, Jonathan Bailor, who discovered a compound that is replacing pre and probiotics by the minute!

It’s time to put an end to painful digestion problems, decrease embarrassing gas, raise your energy, and end fat-belly bloating in as little as 48 hours.

Poop out the fat and free yourself from a “swollen colon”

Going to the bathroom too inconsistently, not being able to leave the house until you have a bowel movement in the morning, or experiencing pain when you don’t go? The unique ingredients in Viscera-3™ work together to ensure you have perfect and enjoyable daily poops.

Flat-Belly, Poop-Perfecting, Fat-Fixing Ingredients in Viscera-3

Painful constipation not only makes you look fatter but also robs you of energy and makes you feel older than you should. Daily, consistent, pleasurable poops are now possible!

Bloating is painful and embarrassing, making you look 20 to 40 pounds heavier.


Simplest Way To Enjoy Routine Daily Poops

✅  Promotes Regular Bowel Movements ending constipation

  Beat The “Bloat Belly Bulge”

Promotes “Slim Gut” Weight Loss

End Leaky Gut

Ends Bloating and Excess Gas


It’s not a popular subject to talk about the consistency, frequency, and overall look of your poop, but it is CRITICAL if you want to increase your energy levels, reduce belly pain, and fend off deadly diseases as you age.

It can also warn you if a leaky gut microbiome makes weight loss impossible and causes painful and embarrassing digestion problems.

Fortunately, doctors have created a patented new nutrient that is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to poop a more normal, healthier stool and enjoy a slimmer, less bloated waist in just 48 hours. Try Viscera-3™ for yourself today to see and feel a dramatic difference now!

Your Only Source of Patented TRIbutyrate

TRIbutyrate is a patented form of Tributyrin, a triglyceride molecule found in butter. After consumption, it transforms into the active metabolite butyric acid. TRIbutyrate uses innovative timed-release technology to ensure butyrate reaches the lower colon, where it’s needed to provide a wide variety of health benefits.

If you haven’t heard of TRIbutyrate (Viscera 3 is the only patented source), it is what Ive League doctors are now calling the “optimal” short-chain fatty acid for better poops and digestion and note that it “shows a higher potency” than other short-chain fatty acids. TRIbutyrate is 3 times more potent than the butyrate created by bacterial fermentation.

The effect TRIbutyrate has on ending digestion pain and problems is so critically important that without it, you can’t have a healthy “slim gut”, one that protects you from belly fat and painful pooping problems.

Why do we take fiber and probiotics to get better poops?

Together in the lower colon, they create short-chain fatty acids, which are the nutrients that promote perfect daily poops. According to Ive League Doctors, the most powerful and important is Butyrate. Unfortunately, Butyrate by itself is very stinky and not bioavailable… until now.

SANE Solution’s patented TRIbutyrate delivers 3 times this powerful gut-healing nutrient directly to your lower colon!

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So can you poop out fat with Viscera-3 ingredients?

In addition to containing the only source of patented TRIButyrate, Viscera-3 has more – making it an extremely reliable and powerful SANE nutraceutical. Below, you’ll find a photo of the actual label.  Magnesium is for your muscles which need the mineral to help expand and contract for bowel movements. Chromium has been found to reduce food intake, hunger levels, and fat and carb cravings with a dramatic decrease in deadly visceral belly fat. Read the full label below and stop by Poo Doctor for all of your poop and bathroom-related curiosities!

An image of a Viscera-3 ingredient label.