Viscera-3 Review: After only 3 days, I experienced relief!

After ten years of dealing with stomach issues, and trying several products,  I was hopeful that Viscera-3 would help with my painful gas and bloating. 

My mother, who suffers from ulcerative colitis, complained constantly of her stomach being swollen and bloated. I decided that if it worked for me, it could be an option for her. 

I was happily surprised that after only 3 days, I experienced relief! 

My stomach is now flat again and I no longer experience any issues with gas and bloating.

For anyone thinking about trying Viscera-3, try it and give it a chance to work; even though I found relief in 3 days, that may not be typical so give it time.

Thank you SANE for making a product at a reasonable price that actually works!

-Tanya Smith

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