Judy: Celebrating Retirement and 73 Pounds Gone!

SANE Judy Before AfterI can’t remember how long it was that I avoided my bathroom scale.  It taunted me every morning, but I subscribed to the idea that what I didn’t know, wouldn’t hurt me.   One morning, when I was feeling particularly brave, I finally stepped on.  I should have been mortified when the dial said 208 lbs. but instead, I was relieved.  

From the way I felt physically, I thought the number would be higher.  My blood pressure was high, my cholesterol was borderline, and chronic knee pain along with the burden of carrying all that weight prevented me from enjoying activities that involved any exertion.  

And the frustration of years of yo-yo dieting stopped me from embarking on any diet program.  I told myself that l would try to eat healthily but was not going to put myself through another starvation diet.  Being heavy was just part of who I was, I told myself.  Denial.

The kicker for me came when, during a family vacation, I was physically unable to join everyone in a hike.  I remember overhearing a family member say, “What will we do with Judy?”  Staying behind and knowing that several family members who were older than myself were able to enjoy a long walk was humiliating and embarrassing.  It was a wake-up call. 

Fortunately, the event coincided with hearing about the SANE Ignite program from a friend.  I was skeptical at first because all programs promise that you can eat and not be hungry and still lose weight.  I had been on enough diets and found that not to be true.  Still, what drew me to SANE was the idea of aspiring to reach a “setpoint” so that when I did reach my goal, I wouldn’t instantly gain the weight back and more when I began maintenance eating.   It was worth a shot, I thought.  And so, my journey began.

That was 73 pounds ago and I can honestly say that I did not experience one day of unsatisfied hunger.  Before SANE, I would have regular feasts on chips, but I was amazed at how quickly my chips and other cravings disappeared.  I learned to substitute empty-calorie foods with healthy SANE foods; now my junk food cravings are gone.

The great thing about the program is that it accommodates all types of food preferences and restrictions within the framework of eating vegetables, protein, and fat.  As a pescatarian, I found it easy to make it work; the only adjustment I made was the elimination of unhealthy food.

My day begins with an egg white bruschetta omelet that I bake in the oven.  It makes 4 generous servings, so I only need to bake one every 4 days.  For lunch, I have some sort of canned fish along with a green smoothie.  I have always enjoyed eating a big dinner, so I have a big bowl of green soup, a huge portion of fish (usually salmon, trout, or cod), and a large salad.  A snack might include one of the yummy SANE sweets like Chocolate Chunk Bars or just a bowl of cherries.

I think that the key to my success was ensuring that I took advantage of everything the SANE Ignite program had to offer.  I logged my food every day, took a few minutes to do the lessons and utilized the support available in my program and from my coach.  It’s vital to stay connected to the SANE community and make sure that you are reaching out when you are in need and that you are sharing your successes with others.  Another amazing part of the program is monthly live group coaching calls where you can ask Jonathon questions.  They are recorded so if you miss one, you can watch them anytime.  I often pull one up and listen to it while I am doing housework. 

Now, not only have my blood pressure and cholesterol levels normalized, but I am more physically active than I have been for 10 years.  I feel amazing.  And I am the one who organizes our family hikes!

This isn’t the first time that I have reached my goal weight, but it will undoubtedly be my last.   I can say this with confidence because I just love the way that I eat and am happy to continue that way for life.  Thank you, SANE Solution!

* Testimonial Disclaimer: All testimonials were written by actual members of SANE Solution and participants in the SANE Setpoint Diet. Results may vary. Please consult a physician before beginning any exercise or diet program. Please review our testimonial disclaimer for more information.

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