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Whether these SANE individuals went on a journey of self-discovery and stumbled upon the setpoint diet or any number of our postbiotics patented products – each story is incredible.

Judy SANE Before After

Judy: Celebrating Retirement and 73 Pounds Gone!

I can’t remember how long it was that I avoided my bathroom scale.  It taunted me every morning, but I subscribed to the idea that what I didn’t know, wouldn’t hurt me.   One morning, when I was feeling particularly brave, I finally stepped on.  I should have been mortified when the dial said 208 […]

Rita SANE Before After

Rita: 62 Years Old….60 Pounds Gone!

I have always struggled with weight and tried many different diets and programs but nothing worked. At 61 years of age, I started to accept that my obesity was my reality, and resolved to stop trying. One day, as I was googling how dieting affects metabolism, I came upon some information on Jonathan Bailor and […]

Jayne SANE Before After

Jayne: Down 20lbs and Not Looking Back!

Best news…my blood sugars have plummeted to almost normal levels.  Wow! didn’t see that one coming so fast. Age: 62 Family: yes! 5 girls, 3 boys, 3 grandchildren.  Youngest daughter is a senior in high school Occupation: homemaker with journalism education Where in the world can you find me? Iowa Year I went SANE: May […]

Dr. Britell: Healing Myself While Having Fun

I’ve attended every medical educational offering on obesity that I could find. Despite continued dieting, my weight crept up to 230lbs. I decided to give eating more and exercising less a try. Went off half of my blood pressure medications, my blood sugar improved, as did my serum lipids. I’ve gone from a size 22 […]

Sam SANE Before After

Sam: Former NFL Player Drops 168 Pounds!

*Update 9/20/2018* We were so thrilled to hear from Sam on his incredible update! Sam has now lost an astonishing 168lbs! Read Sam’s original story: The best news came from his doctor who proclaimed him cured of diabetes and took him off metformin immediately. “In 35 years of practicing medicine, I have never seen anything […]