Chris: From Severe Joint Pain to NO Pain in 3 Weeks!

I am 59 years old and as often happens with age, I’ve developed arthritis in several joints. This has caused pain and limited mobility in my right knee and my left hip. The pain and dysfunction in my knee have been intermittently occurring for several years.

Recently, however, it has worsened to the point that I was having trouble walking my dog Jasmine, because my knee buckled several times during the walk. The issue with my left hip has been occurring for at least 6 months, at times causing such severe pain that it forced me to purchase a walking cane to relieve the pressure on my hip.

Recently I decided to purchase ReAlive because I read about the huge number of scientific studies showing that collagen consumption may have a positive effect on joints, reducing inflammation and pain while improving range of motion. And studies on cacao consumption indicate that it may have an anti-aging effect. (Arthritis is a symptom of aging for many of us.)

So, I mixed 1 tablespoon of ReAlive into my coffee every morning and drank it. At first, I didn’t notice any difference. Within 3 weeks of starting ReAlive, though, I was walking Jasmine several times a day without my knee buckling even once. And no pain. My knee feels great! Meanwhile, the discomfort in my hip is barely noticeable, and I expect it to disappear soon.

I credit this positive change in my arthritis symptoms to ReAlive, and I’m signing up for autoship!!!

~Christine M.

* Testimonial Disclaimer: All testimonials were written by actual members of SANE Solution and participants in the SANE Setpoint Diet. Results may vary. Please consult a physician before beginning any exercise or diet program. Please review our testimonial disclaimer for more information.

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