The Setpoint Diet is based on the concept that your body has a what is known as a setpoint weight.

SANE Setpoint Diet At a Glance:

This is a small, roughly ten pound window within which your body will fight to keep your body fat percentage. If you have a raised setpoint, your body will literally fight to keep fat.

On the other hand if you work to lower your setpoint weight, as we will show you how, your body works with you to lose weight and burn fat all day long. That way your body works just like one of those naturally thin folks who never seem to have to worry about what they eat.

Setting the SANE Setpoint Diet Stage:

If you have ever seen anyone like this, you are looking at someone who has a low setpoint weight. And you can enjoy one as well!

Keep reading to find out how. In order to lower your setpoint weight, you need to eat SANE.

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