SANE Setpoint Diet


Women’s World SANE Review: How to Achieve Automatic Weight Loss (By Lowering Your Setpoint)

Women’s World Review of The Setpoint Diet Do you think automatic weight loss is impossible? We don’t blame you. Like everyone else, you’ve probably been taught — and know from your own experience — that losing weight is hard. There is nothing easy or automatic about it. To lose weight, the “experts” tell you, you […]

Preventing High Blood Pressure the Natural Way


High blood pressure (hypertension) is a condition in which the force of blood flowing through your arteries is routinely too high. Approximately 75 million — 1 in 3 — American adults have high blood pressure, according to the Centers for Disease Control. It is a good bet that many of these people wish they had […]


Neurological Inflammation and Depression: When it’s MORE Than Sadness


You probably have never heard neurological inflammation and depression spoken in the same sentence. That’s because many people don’t know what neurological inflammation is; many have never even heard the term. And even if they know what it is, they have no idea how neurological inflammation and depression could possibly be linked. After all, the […]

Leaky Gut: What it Is, Why it’s Dangerous, and What You Can Do About It


Leaky gut is becoming an epidemic. Though it is not yet a condition widely recognized by the medical community, hundreds of millions of people worldwide may be suffering symptoms and diseases linked to leaky gut syndrome. Yet, many of them do not even know what leaky gut is, and many doctors deny its very existence. […]


How to Improve Your Blood Pressure: Is it Really Worth the Effort?


If you’re wondering how to improve your blood pressure, you probably discovered that you have high blood pressure during a routine doctor’s visit. This is a likely assumption because low blood pressure is not a health risk unless it is extremely low or is causing symptoms, such as dizziness or fainting. Because low blood pressure […]

How to Improve Your Diet for Optimal Health and Weight


How to improve your diet is a popular topic these days in magazine articles and on TV talk shows. It is a subject doctors often discuss with their patients. Nutrition experts, too, routinely conduct seminars and webinars on the subject of how to improve your diet for optimal health and weight. Yet, hundreds of millions […]

How to Improve Your Mood with Diet


Do you struggle with depression? Have you been sad for so long you don’t remember what it feels like to be happy? Or, are you frequently irritable? How about anxiety? Are you constantly on edge? Do you wait for the other shoe to drop, anticipating and dreading the next catastrophe that you’re sure is just […]


The Effects of Processed Foods: Okay in Moderation?


The effects of processed foods are undeniable. Though they affect each person differently, their ability to attract people and gain a loyal following is unsurpassed by any other type of product. And why not? You have to eat and…well…processed foods are everywhere. They command the center aisles — the biggest section — of every grocery […]

The Effects of Poor Diet on Your Health and Your Weight


You’ve probably heard the effects of poor diet discussed all the time on TV talk shows. You might have read about it in magazine or newspaper articles, or heard a report about it on television news broadcasts. The experts interviewed on TV or quoted in those articles may not have used the term, “the effects […]

Preventing Muscle Loss with Nutrition and Proper Exercise


Preventing muscle loss is something many people don’t worry about or attempt to do. After all, most people don’t think about losing muscle. It happens so gradually they don’t notice it. They may not realize anything has changed until they’re older. When they’re in the 40s or 50s, they’ll start noticing they don’t have the […]