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We know that eating deserves to be enjoyable, easy, make you feel totally satisfied.

The SANE program is rooted in the modern science that weight gain and diabetes are NOT character flaws.

These medical issues are symptoms of an elevated Setpoint Weight caused by inSANE foods and yo-yo dieting.

When you stop fighting your Setpoint and start lowering your Setpoint, you will lose weight and balance your blood sugar PERMANENTLY – Guaranteed.

cristina's sane story

Cristina’s SANE Story

“3 months of eating like this has gotten me off a diabetes medication and reduced my HbA1C from 8.3 to 5.7, rendering me diabetes-free. I also was on cholesterol medication, but my cholesterol went from 220 to 103, and I was taken off that medication as well. Finally, after five years of trying, I finally […]

Carrie's SANE Story

Carrie’s SANE Story

In just a few months I’m back to my slim self despite having crossed the 45 year mark. I’m never hungry. My friends have no idea how I eat so much, exercise so little, and stay so slim. My LDL cholesterol also fell 100 points! Carrie’s SANE Story: Turning the Clock Back 30 Years Carrie […]

jJessica's SANE Story

Jessica’s SANE Story

I’m 64, stronger, more fit, and in better health than I can ever recall. I sleep more soundly and now, my husband and I are going to be able to live a dream…travel the world over the next 5-10 years. My lipids are normal for the first time in my adult life! My blood sugar […]

Starvation Is NOT Healthy. Stop counting calories & go #SANE w/me at

Kyle’s SANE Story

5 Years and 50 Update Kyle’s SANE Story: Losing 114lbs We were so excited when we received Kyle’s email letting us know that he had a new blog post up with his 5-year update. He also added “and very possibly the last weight loss post I will ever write… It’s been a great journey.” If […]

dr. keen

Dr. Keen SANE Story

I have lost the grand total of 37lbs and I am continuing to lose safely and long term. My resting pulse has come down from 90 to 54 (an independent prognostic indicator of cardiovascular disease). I feel ENERGIZED, I feel healthier than I’ve ever felt! Dr. Keen SANE Story: SANE Eating is Powerful Medicine I […]

vivian's sane story

Vivian’s SANE Story

I lost 20lbs and feel better than ever before. I eat whatever I want – no restrictions, except for starch and sugar, which I will eat in minimal amounts. I noticed that if I indulge one night (like Thanksgiving), I will feel hung over the next day. My body is not used to those foods anymore […]

jane's sane story

Jane’s SANE Story

Changed My Life! I’m a Registered Dietitian who has struggled with weight my entire life, sometimes successfully, sometime not so much.  In fact my struggle with food was what motivated me to go into Dietetics.  I was even a chunky kid. Jane’s SANE Story: Registered Dietitian Becomes Strong I managed to keep my weight at […]