Jayne: Down 20lbs and Not Looking Back!

Jayne SANE Before AfterBest news…my blood sugars have plummeted to almost normal levels.  Wow! didn’t see that one coming so fast.

Age: 62

Family: yes! 5 girls, 3 boys, 3 grandchildren.  Youngest daughter is a senior in high school

Occupation: homemaker with journalism education

Where in the world can you find me? Iowa

Year I went SANE: May 30, 2018

Current height/weight 5-3”, 150 pounds

Health before/after SANE I still struggle with blood sugars, but now I know why (heavy metals.  My health was ok before, now it is amazing.

Favorite SANE meal:  death by chocolate cupcakes with chocolate chips. I love fish.

What words of advice can you give to someone just starting their SANE journey?  It’s more about progress over perfection.  This is a total acceptance, guilt free zone.  You are home!

Hobby: rosary maker, gardening, herbs, gourmet cooking with mistakes and successes, storytelling, ping pong…I’m kind of competitive with it…and laughing at my kids jokes

SANE words to live by: You are free to put anything into your mouth.  Put in good things for best results.

My journey to SANE still continues.  I love the freedom from sugar addiction this program taught me.  And I especially love the encouragement and tools given to me to succeed.  The big tummy is gone, my jeans are a size 4, but that is not my greatest progress.  My greatest progress is that sugar no longer runs my life. I can celebrate with something sweet, but I don’t have to have it as say, well, oxygen or water. I’ve lost a lot of weight.

Here is the reflection I wrote after one month.:   @JonathanBailor, I’ve been on this SANE way of eating for one month. What’s different?  I don’t crave sweets.  I used to think of them every day, especially when I wasn’t letting myself eat them. They had a starring role in my thoughts.  Not now!  Also, my hair looks better…softer, more vibrant…gotta love those veggies.  I do not leak when I sneeze nor do I have to brace my legs together..just in case.  Wow.

My scale has gone down 4 pounds.  I thought I would have dropped ten…but I lost a little over an inch in my waist and the next size down jeans fit without any muffin tops.

So, I’m going to stop stressing about weight, stop lamenting that my waist is not where I want it…progress, not perfection… It’s headed in the right direction.  I’m celebrating all of the success stories I’ve read…just finished listening to what 8 months have done for one person.  And I’m going to share this way of eating with whomever seems ready for a change.  And I’m thanking God for bringing me here.  I’ve prayed for help for a long time.  Thank you.  On to month two!

Now I’m in month 8.  My skin is clear, my weight is normal, my hair looks shiny and vibrant.  My after picture is from my new hair cut!  My sugars weren’t going down like they should, and I found out I had heavy metals from when I was a kid.  I never would have found this out without SANE.  Now my SANE diet is just what helps the most with detoxing and I never feel deprived.  I will get my mercury filling out soon, and I haven’t even shared the best part.  It is the people on this journey with me!  They encourage and lift me up and broaden my horizons with new ingredients or recipes or what worked for them.

This is a no guilt, total acceptance zone where the next bite you eat can be SANE.  The decision is with me.  The SANER I eat, the better and faster my results.  I plan for some insane foods still, but I eat after a SANE meal so that I don’t overeat and also, I do not feel deprived.  What I am finding now is so strange.  The insane foods do not taste as good as my memory of them would suggest.

I have to say a word about my coach, Paul.  He went above and beyond in helping me follow this new way of eating and helped me not stall in guilt and shame when I messed up.  He helped me see this was a process and every step made me closer to my dream…not saying, oh well, pass the snickers and Pepsi, I’ve already failed.

I love this program…it really is just a normal way of eating.  It is not common, but it is so normal.  And as my body heals, I crave good things, more of it, and lots of green non-starchy veggies.  I do my exercises twice a week and “move like a human” the rest of the time.  I loved that Jonathan Bailor quote!  Good sleep, meditation, calm…. this is the fruit of SANE living.

Thank you SANE.  I’ve lost about 20 pounds, but the real story is I don’t gain and lose the same 10 pounds all of the time and my question to myself is ‘how do I feel’ rather than “how much do I weigh.”  I feel beautiful inside and out.  Joy comes from sharing goodness and beauty with others.  My tip for others?  Don’t give up on yourself.  You are wonderfully, awesomely made and someone out there is waiting for your encouragement.

* Testimonial Disclaimer: All testimonials were written by actual members of SANE Solution and participants in the SANE Setpoint Diet. Results may vary. Please consult a physician before beginning any exercise or diet program. Please review our testimonial disclaimer for more information.

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