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Whether these SANE individuals went on a journey of self-discovery and stumbled upon the setpoint diet or any number of our postbiotics patented products – each story is incredible.

Annice SANE

Annice: SANE Helped Me LIVE Again

“SANE is so much more than weight loss: It is not effortless but much easier than anything I’ve done health wise.” Have you ever had a terrible nightmare from which you couldn’t wake up?  A bad dream where your feet are all tangled up and you can’t move or run? That’s how my life was […]

Jay U SANE Before After

Jay: Dropped 47lbs & All Medication

Outside of music, battling weight gain has been the one consistent hobby I’ve had through my entire adulthood.  Since I stepped off my last playing field as a high school athlete, I have watched the scale slowly spin upward for the last 25 years, from college to marriage to kids.  I did not stand idly […]