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Whether these SANE individuals went on a journey of self-discovery and stumbled upon the setpoint diet or any number of our postbiotics patented products – each story is incredible.


Mary: From Low Energy to Actively Living

The “tipping point” that compelled me to take major action came after reading “The Calorie Myth;” it changed my life. Since I have been eating SANE, my energy has increased overall and my pain has reduced enough to let me resume a more active lifestyle. I have also decreased a few clothing sizes. What makes […]

Linda A SANE

Linda: Enjoying the Journey and Healthier Me!

Updated 9/20/2019 Before joining SANE, I was frustrated with feeling like I couldn’t remove belly fat no matter what I did. I joined SANE because I wanted more energy and to have a better understanding of the right foods to eat. My “aha” moment came when I saw that my weight was creeping up.  I […]

Diane R SANE

Diane: Down 14 Inches and 17 Pounds!

I decided to make a change in my life when I scheduled a trip to France and would be staying on the 4th floor of a building that didn’t have an elevator. Also, I wanted to look good for a 50th high school reunion. My life is better since discovering SANE in that my clothes […]

Lesly SANE

Lesly: 2 Sizes Down and Just the Beginning!

I decided that I wanted to feel better, be healthy, and lose weight because I was experiencing health issues and not feeling well from my weight gain. Since discovering SANE, I am feeling better and have more energy overall. I stopped needing my acid reflux medication and have gone down two clothing sizes. People have […]