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Whether these SANE individuals went on a journey of self-discovery and stumbled upon the setpoint diet or any number of our postbiotics patented products – each story is incredible.

Jerri SANE Before After Final

Jerri: Down 29 Inches in 3 Months! UPDATED!

Update July 2019 I started the SANE Program in September of 2018.  I did really well starting out with the program, even though I have had many medical issues that I have been working through for quite a few years.  In fact, the inches came off so quickly that I needed to slow it down. […]

Kathy SANE Before After

Kathy: 45 Pounds Gone in 3 months!

I’ve been on diets literally since I was ten years old, and that’s not counting the doctors telling my Mom to watch my food intake at six years old. Then last December, I turned 56 and realized I was heavier than ever. I retired at 55 rather than take permanent disability because I couldn’t stand […]

Patricia B SANE

Patricia: SANE In Progress- Feeling Energized!

After purchasing a piece of exercise equipment only to watch it sit unused in the room, I realized that I needed to try something different and chose to use the SANE approach. My life is better since discovering SANE; I have more energy and am generally feeling better. Also, SANE eating has had a positive […]

Patti G SANE

Patti: Taking Charge of her Health at 60!

I realized that I needed to make a change in my life as I approached my 60th birthday; I wanted to stop feeling like I was 70.   Since discovering SANE, my life has improved;  I sleep better, move easier, and I have a feeling of accomplishment because I have taken charge of my health. […]

Sandy G SANE

Sandy: Kicked Cravings and Deprivation Dieting

I realized that I needed to make a change at the end of 2018 when I started looking more intently at making health changes and I wanted something with practical and long-term results. Three significant ways that my life is better since discovering SANE is that I have lost 6.5 pounds making my clothes fit […]

Tammy R SANE

Tammy: SANE In Progress – 19 Pounds Gone

The tipping point that compelled me to take major action in my life was when I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and placed on meds. At that point, other diets I had tried didn’t seem to work, so I was looking for something that was doable, able to address underlying issues, and actually made […]