Tammy’s In Progress SANE Story – 19 Pounds Gone

The tipping point that compelled me to take major action in my life was when I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and placed on meds. At that point, other diets I had tried didn’t seem to work, so I was looking for something that was doable, able to address underlying issues, and actually made sense. The inclusion of coaching was a bonus!

My life is so much better since discovering SANE. I have already lost 19 lbs. and others are noticing the changes. I am more organized with how I plan the foods I eat and that impacts my organization and habits in all of the other parts of my life in a positive way. Also, my obsession with food has been lifted and released.

SANE is different than anything else that I have tried in the past in that I have zero hunger. I have zero cravings and all of that is based on the wide variety of foods that are SANE.

The number one piece of advice that I would offer someone who is just starting out on their SANE journey is to follow the approach and learn not to self-sabotage because of cravings. ~ Tammy R.