SANE Aamia is a proprietary clinical formulation designed to lower your set-point weight by helping to restore your body’s natural ability to burn fat and keep it off!

The science behind SANE Aamia

Aamia as a set-point lowering product acts by optimizing your metabolism, hormones, and neurotransmitters while reducing cravings, abdominal fat, and dysregulation in the appetite and weight centers of your brain.

What does Aamia Contain?

aamiaThis fat torching compound contains a carefully put together  synergistic blend of therapeutic grade active ingredients. With that in mind, you’ll be ecstatic to read that at clinically proven doses it has been shown to:

✅ Promote a lower set-point weight

✅ Help clear hormonal clogs

✅ Aid in overcoming weight loss resistance

✅ Optimize metabolism, hormones, and neurotransmitters!

If diet and exercise are still not getting you the results you want you likely have an elevated set-point weight. These can make burning fat and losing weight nearly impossible. Research over the last 70 years shows that if you suffer from an elevated set-point weight, your body will fight to hold on to extra fat for its own survival!



Frequently Asked Questions About Aamia™

How many bottles should I order?

You will save the most money, and see the best long-term results when you choose our limited time discounted 6 month offer. Of course, if you decide the product is not for you can always return the unused portion for a refund (we offer a 1 year satisfaction guarantee so you are always safe).

SANE Nutraceuticals contain the highest grade nutrients and are produced in small batches for maximum freshness and effectiveness. Because of this we sell out often, so stock up today, save money, and be sure you don’t run out of your new set-point-lowering and fat-burning secret advantage!


Can’t I just buy the nutrients cheaper somewhere else?

We have spent over a decade researching, testing, and sourcing the safest, and most potent pharmaceutical grade nutrients available and combined them in the perfect amounts for the most effective product possible.

Not only would sourcing the nutrients from all the suppliers take hours and hours, you would spend almost $150.00 for the active nutrients found in one bottle of SANE Nutraceuticals, without getting the correct levels of each nutrient.

Will SANE Nutraceuticals help me lose weight even if everything else I have tried has failed me?

Glad you asked because this is very important. First SANE nutraceuticals work completely different from any other “fat-burning” supplements on the market. They are clinically formulated using therapeutic grade nutrients to help your body lower your set-point weight by increasing your body’s ability to transport excess fat and sugars, then burn that fat by turning it into energy you can feel throughout your day.