Supplements & Superfoods

A graphical image of various healthy foods, like salmon and coconut, pouring into a large golden capsule.

Do you need to take dietary supplements?

How many Americans take dietary supplements? According to a survey commissioned by the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), the majority of U.S. adults — 68% — routinely take dietary supplements. In addition, 84% of those surveyed said they were confident in the “safety, quality, and effectiveness” of dietary supplements. Are you among the majority of […]

peel lemon fast

How to Easily Peel a Lemon

Alicia, a new member of the SANE family discovered how difficult and messy it can be to peel a lemon for her smoothies. Peeling a Lemon Fast? Here’s how. In an effort to SANEly peel a lemon she searched the internet for a solution. When she couldn’t find an easy solution, she decided to take […]