Nutrition S.A.N.E.
Sometimes we think, “I can’t do everything, so I want to do nothing.” Which is a thought I sometimes have. I can’t do everything perfectly so forget it.
I’m just going to do nothing. From experience that’s not a super helpful way to think.

A much more helpful way to think is I am going to make gradual sustainable progress because I’m in this or the long-term!

Nutrition With SANESolution
We have to remember eating is a zero-sum game. So, if we are drinking bulletproof coffee instead of eating six doughnuts, absolutely that could be a SANEr choice.

But if our nutrition choice is between drinking a cup of Bulletproof Coffee and eating an immensely satisfying, unaggressive, extremely nutritious and non-efficient whole foods meal, we would strongly encourage you to eat that whole foods meal if your goal is in line with the SANE lifestyle.

Nutrition: Your Cognitive & Gut Health
The research shows that you definitely want to maximize your results to be in those double-digit servings of vegetables.

And if it’s not visible to do that via fresh or frozen vegetables that you find at your local grocery store, that’s why we created many of our SANE superfood powders and supplements:


An image of a woman practicing yoga as part of her high cholesterol diet strategy.

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