Diabesity, Diabetes, & Obesity

Diabetes and Diabesity: The Deadly Epidemic Doctors are Ignoring


Do you remember the fitness craze of the 80s? Of course you do. If you were alive and older than a toddler, you couldn’t escape it. Jane Fonda’s first workout video exploded on the scene in 1982, and suddenly, everybody was working out. Those who sweated and huffed their way through an aerobics or jazzercise […]

Fight Diabesity with Unique Exercise and Diet Plan


Diabesity, a condition in which type 2 diabetes and obesity occur together, is a dangerous health epidemic that needs a solution. Though experts have been trying to solve this deadly diabesity epidemic for years, they could never get beyond the old, “eat less and exercise more” paradigm of weight loss and blood sugar control. But […]

Diabesity: Top 5 Weight Loss Hormones


If you suffer from Diabesity — or worry you might develop this disease — weight loss hormones are probably not at the top of your list of treatment options. In fact, weight loss hormones may have never crossed your mind as a weapon against Diabesity. Why? Because “experts” seldom mention weight loss hormones in the […]

Diabesity and Setpoint Weight: Secret Link that Helps Prevent or Reverse Diabesity


Diabesity, according to most experts, is the biggest health epidemic in human history. This disease impacts more than 1 billion people worldwide. It affects 50% of Americans over the age of 65. Despite the ever-increasing numbers of people suffering from diabesity, experts have never been able to develop a plan that solves this problem. Little […]

How to Defeat Diabesity, Heart Disease, and Stroke With Diet


It seems like everybody has been focusing on how to defeat diabesity, the condition where type 2 diabetes and obesity exist simultaneously, that they ignore the reason they want to defeat it. Namely, diabesity can lead to many serious health complications, such as heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure. Experts and health officials wouldn’t fear […]

How to Avoid Diabesity Symptoms


Diabesity is a condition where you suffer from type 2 diabetes and obesity simultaneously. Learning how to avoid Diabesity symptoms should be everyone’s top health goal. After all, Diabesity is a dangerous — even deadly — disease. According to a 2017 report published in Clinical Diabetes and Endocrinology, Diabesity is the biggest health epidemic in […]

Cooking Class: A Yummy Way to End Diabesity


In episode 7 of the Diabesity Documentary, Jonathan Bailor hosts a cooking class with Chef Dawn Ludwig, author of the book, “Always Simple.” In this amazing episode, they show you how easy it is to whip up delicious, setpoint-lowering meals your entire family will love. Why do you need a cooking class specifically geared toward […]

SANE Food Swaps that Defeat Diabesity


Most diets feature some form of deprivation. For instance, you can’t enjoy that piece of chocolate cake or other favorite food while on this or that diet. How long can you really go without enjoying your favorite foods? Fortunately, you won’t find such nonsense on the SANE setpoint diet. That’s because there are SANE food […]

How to End Diabesity, Food Cravings, and Emotional Eating


Do you suffer from diabesity? Is losing weight extremely difficult for you because of food cravings and emotional eating? What types of emotions trigger your food cravings and emotional eating? Research shows emotional eating can be caused by many factors, including depression, boredom, anger, and loneliness. But the most common reason for food cravings and […]

Defeat Diabesity with These Diet and Lifestyle Recipes


Diabesity is a growing public health threat. It directly impacts more than 1 billion people globally, including 50% of Americans over the age of 65. Health officials and other experts have been searching for years for recipes that end this epidemic. They have had no success. Despite their best efforts, the numbers of those developing […]