Kristina’s In Progress SANE Story – No Longer Controlled by Cravings

For the longest time, I allowed myself to be too busy with work to do something about my health. I decided that this year at the end of tax season, I would use my bonus to actually do something different in order to make a difference and I joined SANE.

Since joining SANE, I don’t have those frequent nighttime cravings. The sweets I used to eat are now just too sweet for me. And I am also sleeping much better.

The coaching calls that are included in my SANE program are different from anything I’ve had in other programs. Also, I like using the SANE app and there are so many resources that are available to me. My progress is not based on a number on a scale and I like that.

The number one piece of advice that I would offer someone who is just starting out on their SANE journey is to be patient with yourself and don’t expect to be perfect, just be good to you. ~Kristina V.