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At SANESolution, we believe in more than just providing you with the very best in nutraceutical and permanent weight loss programs. In the same vein, we hope to bring about massive change by educating – well – the masses.

Enjoy detailed and informative in-house scientific research that is not only easily digested but – actionable. That’s right, not only do you get to understand the fundamentals of brain, gut health, and hormones BUT you’ll notice action steps for you to take – immediately – in order to bring about the change you seek!

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SANESolution Cognitive Health

best brain vitamins

The 4 Best Brain Vitamins for Supporting Brain Health & Boosting Memory

Choosing the Best Brain Vitamins for Supporting Brain Health Discovering the best brain vitamins for brain health can be anything but satisfying. After all, there are SO many choices. Driven by consumer concerns over memory/cognitive issues,…
best memory foods are eggs image

SANESolution Diabesity


How to Avoid Diabesity Symptoms

Diabesity is a condition where you suffer from type 2 diabetes and obesity simultaneously. Learning how to avoid Diabesity symptoms should be everyone’s top health goal. After all, Diabesity is a dangerous -- even deadly -- disease. According…

Cooking Class: A Yummy Way to End Diabesity

In episode 7 of the Diabesity Documentary, Jonathan Bailor hosts a cooking class with Chef Dawn Ludwig, author of the book, “Always Simple.” In this amazing episode, they show you how easy it is to whip up delicious, setpoint-lowering meals…

SANESolution Digestive Care (Postbiotics & Gut Health)

postbiotic tips

Postbiotics Supplements: 3 Tips to Find What Really Works

You’ve probably heard about prebiotics and probiotics...but what are postbiotics? Good question!. All three are necessary for gut health -- and even overall health -- but postbiotics have recently drawn special attention from researchers. In…

SANESolution Nutrition

SANESolution & SANE Diet


How to Improve Your Mood with Diet

Do you struggle with depression? Have you been sad for so long you don’t remember what it feels like to be happy? Or, are you frequently irritable? How about anxiety? Are you constantly on edge? Do you wait for the other shoe to drop, anticipating…

What Are Processed Foods & Their Effects on Your Health?

The effects of processed foods are undeniable. Though they affect each person differently, their ability to attract people and gain a loyal following is unsurpassed by any other type of product. And why not? You have to eat and...well...processed…

SANESolution & SANE Setpoint Diet


What is Setpoint Weight Loss And Why It Matters WAY More Than Calories

If you’ve been asking, “What is setpoint weight loss?” and not getting a good answer from the weight-loss community, there’s a reason for that. Most traditional weight-loss programs and dieting gurus don’t know anything about setpoint…

How to Lower Your Setpoint Weight

Before we show you how to lower your setpoint weight and give you the four steps to lasting weight loss transformation, we need to acknowledge the elephant in the room. It is the massive amount of misinformation out there when it comes…

SANESolution & Setpoint Weight


Get in Shape for Summer the Healthy Way with SANE

Summer is here again. Depending on where you live, summer is a season of wall-to-wall sunshine. Pearly white smiles surrounded by perfectly tanned faces. Bare bronzed arms, legs, and tight bellies. But it's not a happy time for everyone. Don't…

The Newest Weight Loss Breakthrough for Men: SANE Diet & Exercise Plan

According to a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, 40% of U.S. men are overweight and another 35% are obese. Given these figures and the well-known fact that being overweight increases the risk for many diseases, there are undoubtedly…

SANESolution: Supplements and Superfood

SANESolution: Weight Loss