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Jean’s SANE Success: Down 45lbs!

“After just 8 months, I have lost 45 lbs.” Jean’s SANE Success: Down 45lbs and Feeling Amazing! Two years ago I was weighing in at almost 200 pounds. I knew I needed to make some changes. Since finding SANE, I feel healthier than I have in years. My blood pressure is normal and I have […]

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Women’s World SANE Review: How to Achieve Automatic Weight Loss (By Lowering Your Setpoint)

Automatic Weight Loss: Women’s World Review of The Setpoint Diet Do you think automatic weight loss is impossible? We don’t blame you. Like everyone else, you’ve probably been taught — and know from your own experience — that losing weight is hard. There is nothing easy or automatic about it. To lose weight, the “experts” […]