Permanent SANE Weight Loss

When it comes to changing your health through eating you can either:

1. Choose to eat healthier food.

2. You can choose to not eat food.

3.You can eat less healthy food.

More on Weight Loss

We can use science to eat healthier food and eat more of it. Usually anything that promises big results really fast usually leads to poor results.

Do not turn to weight loss surgeries if you are doing them instead of eating healthily. Start the habit of eating SANE before you try any type of weight loss surgery.

People may not always see results right away from eating SANEly, but they often feel better right away. There will never be a side effect free drug that will prevent damage to your lung cells after smoking.

It is the same way with eating sugar, trans-fats, etc. Those things will still damage your body no matter what surgery or product you try to remedy weight loss. Eating the wrong foods elevates our set point.

Don’t use toxic foods to gain weight. The best way to do this is by eating whole food fats. You could use a low-sugar, low-ingredient ice cream and add some whole food fats such as coconut oil, avocados, etc.

Protein and fiber are the most satisfying things we can put into our bodies.

A smoothie to help you gain weight could include sources of healthy fat with minimum fiber. You should intentionally try to eat more than 20 grams of protein with your meal from a quality protein source.

The vegetables in a smoothie are approximately 80% water. When you are drinking 16 oz of a vegetable smoothie, you are probably drinking close to 13 oz of water.

Flood your body with nutrition!

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