5 Reasons Why The Setpoint Diet Book is the Only Diet Book You Need

An image of the Setpoint Diet book.If you haven’t heard about The Setpoint Diet book and the 21-day challenge, you’ll be hearing a lot about it soon. That’s because The Setpoint Diet, created by New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Bailor, is the only program endorsed by top doctors at Harvard Medical School, the Cleveland Clinic, UCLA, Johns Hopkins, and the Mayo Clinic.

Unlike the many fad diets you may have tried — the ones that failed you so many times — The Setpoint Diet is rooted in modern science. Hundreds of peer-reviewed research studies prove weight gain and diabetes are symptoms of an elevated setpoint weight caused primarily by eating low-quality foods and yo-yo dieting.

With The Setpoint Diet book, Jonathan Bailor distills this science into easy-to-understand concepts and dietary principles that really work. These principles are not only easy to remember and implement, but they also promote long-term weight loss and blood sugar control. No more calorie counting, hunger, or yo-yo dieting.

The Setpoint Diet book even contains a complete, 21-day therapeutic plan designed to help you lower your setpoint weight as easily and safely as possible. With this 21-day challenge, you can lose up to 10 pounds in three weeks — permanently. And you’ll feel great! But before we go into specifics of this eating plan, it might help if we explained how The Setpoint Diet Book differs from other diet books.

The Setpoint Diet Book versus traditional diet books

If you have a problem losing weight — and keeping it off — you’ve probably tried many different diets. But no matter which one you tried, it fell far short of your expectations. For instance, you may have been frequently hungry, often even tortured by cravings for your favorite forbidden foods. You may have been miserable every day of the diet.

If you stuck with the diet long enough, you probably lost some weight, perhaps even a lot of weight. But as soon as you fell off the diet, you gained all of it back — plus a few extra pounds for good measure! Sound familiar?

No matter how different each new diet seemed, they all yielded the same results. That’s because most traditional weight-loss diets are based on the calorie-deficit theory of weight loss. That is, if you want to lose weight, you must starve your body, thereby forcing it to burn fat. According to this theory, it doesn’t matter what you eat as long as you keep your daily/weekly/monthly calorie intake within a certain limit.

It is true that if you starve your body, you will lose weight. But your body fights against this. There are many ways your body can keep you from starving to death. So…the only thing starvation dieting does is slow your metabolism, cause your body to hold onto its fat stores ever more tightly, and promote yo-yo dieting. At best, starvation dieting is only a short-term fix; at worse, it promotes yo-yo dieting.

The Setpoint Diet book is different. It does not focus on calories. It is the only diet book you need because it focuses on lowering your setpoint weight, which is the only way to permanently lose weight.

Setpoint weight: the real regulator of weight

While you’ve been focusing on calorie restriction to lose weight, there is an invisible force inside you that is conspiring to hold onto those extra pounds. This “force” has nothing to do with calories or points or any of the other traditional dieting strategies you’ve been taught. Rather, what is keeping you from losing weight long term can be summed up in one word: setpoint.

What is setpoint weight?

Setpoint weight is the number on the scale weight hovers around, within a range of about 10-15 pounds. Your setpoint is the weight your body will try to maintain no matter what type of diet you try or how closely you monitor your calorie intake. You see, your body strives for homeostasis (equilibrium) of all internal systems. This includes your body temperature, respiration, blood glucose levels — and your weight.

The human body is a complex biological machine that has no trouble regulating your weight. To perform this job, your brain, digestive system, and hormones talk to one another through various feedback loops to synchronize the activities that automatically maintain body fat at a specific level, otherwise known as your setpoint weight.

To better understand how this works, just think of the biological feedback system that establishes your setpoint weight, like the thermostat in your house. Thanks to the thermostat, your heating or air-conditioning system respond to the weather outside and keep your home at whatever temperature the thermostat “thinks” it should be at. Similarly, your setpoint stimulates or suppresses your appetite and raises or lowers your metabolism according to how much fat it “thinks” you should store.

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The problem with starvation diets

This is why starvation dieting will never work for long-term weight loss. When you start to cut calories, your body’s metabolic alarm goes off. It signals your body that you are not consuming as much as you normally do. In response, your body demands more food and starts burning fewer calories. Appetite goes up, calorie burn goes down. Your body fights you every step of the way when you try to lose weight by slashing calories.

The science is clear that the only way to lose weight long-term is to lower your setpoint weight, and The Setpoint Diet book shows you exactly how to do that. Plus, the inclusion of the 21-day challenge provides an awe-inspiring introduction to this revolutionary program. The 21-day challenge is designed to help you lose an average of 10 pounds in 21 days — without hunger or deprivation!

Before reviewing some of the principles of The Setpoint diet and the 21-day challenge, let’s discuss the causes of an elevated setpoint weight.

3 Factors that elevation setpoint weight

As previously discussed, your brain, digestive system, and hormones continually talk to each other to synchronize the activities that automatically keep you at or near your setpoint weight. The only time this system fails to correctly regulate your weight is if your brain, digestive system, and/or hormones are not doing their jobs correctly. The three factors that elevate setpoint weight, therefore, are neurological inflammation (the brain), gut dysbiosis (the digestive system), and hormonal dysregulation (the hormones). Here is a brief overview of each of them.

Chronic neurological inflammation

The hypothalamus in your brain regulates and controls your metabolism. It is regulated largely by the hormones leptin and insulin, which sends signals to the hypothalamus regarding the status of your fat levels, calorie intake, etc. The hypothalamus responds by releasing hormones that increase or suppress your appetite, raise or lower your metabolism, and does whatever else is necessary to keep you within your setpoint weight.

If the hypothalamus becomes chronically inflamed, a condition called chronic neurological inflammation, it can no longer receive correct signals from leptin and insulin. This eventually results in an elevated setpoint weight.

What is chronic neurological inflammation?

Chronic neurological inflammation occurs when glial cells are persistently activated, and other immune cells are called into the brain for assistance. This type of brain inflammation is usually associated with neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s. But it can also be triggered by a damaged blood-brain barrier that allows pathogens and other harmful substances to seep into the brain’s fragile environment. (This is called leaky brain syndrome.)

Inflammation is not always a bad thing. It is a vital part of the immune system, which uses inflammation (swelling) to isolate and destroy germs, pathogens, and other foreign invaders. After the foreign invaders are destroyed and the healing is sufficiently underway, the inflammation recedes. Inflammation is only a problem if it becomes chronic, and it’s an even bigger problem if it happens to the brain.

You see, inflammation is not supposed to happen inside the brain. The blood-brain barrier is supposed to keep bacteria, pathogens, and other dangerous invaders out of the brain’s fragile environment. However, if the blood-brain barrier is damaged, it becomes “leaky,” allowing these toxins to seep into the brain. These toxins then cause inflammation, which can not only cause many health problems but also elevates setpoint weight.

Research shows starchy carbs, heavily processed foods, and sugar can damage the blood-brain barrier, leading to neurological inflammation and an elevated setpoint weight.

Gut dysbiosis

Would you believe about 90% of the cells of your body are bacteria, and most of them reside in your digestive system? It’s true. Bacteria residing in your digestive system have a major influence on your setpoint weight.

Collectively called “gut microbiota,” these bacteria are responsible for a variety of tasks. For instance, they help extract calories from the foods you eat. They also store calories for later use as body fat. Some of these bacteria even have a huge impact on neurological inflammation.

Research shows that having a proper balance of certain types of bacteria is essential to weight control. Having too many of the higher setpoint bacteria can result in an elevated setpoint weight.

Hormonal dysregulation

A graphical image of a molecular symbol for the hormone testosterone.If you have trouble losing weight, you likely have a hormonal clog. When you become hormonally clogged, your brain can no longer count on signals from your hormones that would otherwise enable you to burn body fat automatically.

An easy way to understand how a hormonal clog elevates your setpoint weight is to think about your body as functioning like a sink. When a sink is working properly, the more water poured in means more water drains out. The sink balances water in and water out at a low level. (This is equivalent to having a low setpoint.)

A hormonally healthy body works similarly, doing its best to automatically prevent excess body fat from accumulating. A healthy body, like a “healthy” sink, responds to more in with more out and to less in with less out.

When water builds up in sinks and fat builds up in bodies, it’s because they have become clogged by the wrong quality of things being put into them. Once a clog happens, any amount of water (or calories) IN will cause the water (or fat) level to rise and stay high. You now have a sink (or a body) with an elevated setpoint.

The only way to truly fix this problem is to remove the clog. When you do that, the water or fat levels will balance out at a low setpoint — easily and naturally.

5 reasons why the Setpoint Diet Book is the only diet book you’ll ever need

The Setpoint Diet Book shows you how to remove hormonal clogs, eliminate neurological inflammation, and heal gut dysbiosis — using simple dietary strategies and lifestyle upgrades. Here are just 5 of the many reasons The Setpoint Diet book is the only diet book you’ll ever need.

1. No hunger

The Setpoint Diet book focuses on quality calories, which automatically increase satiety. This means the foods you’ll eat fill you up fast and keep you full for a long time. You’ll actually eat more food while lowering your setpoint weight!

2. It’s effortless (AKA, no willpower)

The high-quality foods you’ll discover in The Setpoint Diet book eliminate the need for willpower. You’ll constantly look for SANE foods, thereby naturally avoiding inSANE ones.

3. It’s sustainable

Unlike traditional, calorie-restricted diets, The Setpoint Diet is sustainable. You can eat high-quality foods featured in The Setpoint Diet book for the rest of your life. Plus, there are almost unlimited foods from which to choose!

4. It fosters permanent weight loss

As previously discussed, the weight you lose on the setpoint diet will be permanent. No more yo-yo dieting!

5. It’s easy to remember

In The Setpoint Diet book, there are no complicated food lists or menus to remember. You’ll be eating delicious, real foods that are filling.

The Setpoint Diet Book and the 21-Day Challenge

Participating in the 21-day challenge is a great way for you to begin to transform your life. For just three weeks, we ask you to commit 100% to follow this most advanced therapeutic protocol. The 21-day challenge is designed to help you lose an average of 10 pounds in the easiest, safest way possible.

During these 21 days, you will eat optimal foods and practice optimal lifestyle habits proven to lower setpoint weight more quickly. To ensure your success, this plan gives you the most potent week-by-week packaging of SANE nutrition, nutraceuticals, lifestyle habits, and psychology ever created.

You can expect to eat delicious foods that contain optimal nutrition. These foods help to more quickly unclog hormones. You can expect to participate in smarter exercise and to develop better sleeping habits — both key to lowering your setpoint weight.

You will emerge from the 21-day challenge in love with the plan and with your new body.

Are you ready to get started? Order The Setpoint Diet book today!

Next step: Explore secrets of weight loss with the Setpoint Diet Book and the SANE plan

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