Kendra: 23 Inches Gone and 15 Pounds!

Kendra SANE Before AfterI realized that I needed to make a change in my life after noticing that my clothing was feeling tighter. I was ready to try something new.

I feel wonderful and am happier since discovering SANE. I have lost a total of 15lbs and 23 inches! People tell me that I look great and ask how I did it. I am continuing with my journey in order to lose 10 more pounds.

SANE is different from anything that I have tried in the past in that it is not a diet, but a healthy way of eating and exercising. The program not only includes exercise and eating, but recipes, community support, and informative videos.

The number one piece of advice that I would offer someone who is just starting out on their SANE journey is to keep going, even if you experience a plateau. And try new foods!

~ Kendra W.

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