Nick’s SANE Success: From Negative Thoughts to Motivated and Inspired

“The small group Live Coaching calls always help to keep me motivated and inspired.”

I realized that a change was needed when I was no longer happy with myself. All my clothes were too tight and I did not like what I would see in the mirror. I was saying out loud things to myself that I would never say to someone else.

Since discovering SANE, I feel good and look better. I have much more energy. The negative thoughts are pretty much a thing of the past!

SANE is different in a lot of ways from other programs I’ve tried. The concept is simple. Non starchy vegetables, high quality protein, whole food fat and low fructose fruit in that order. Good quality sleep and eccentric exercise. It doesn’t require absolute willpower to try and stick to like those strict intake type diet plans. It become just your lifestyle within very few weeks. The small group Live Coaching calls always help to keep me motivated and inspired. The SANE Solution program has so much to offer.

My number one piece of advice to someone just starting on their SANE journey would be give yourself time to allow your body to start healing itself. Be patient, you’re absolutely worth it.

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