Lynn’s In Progress SANE Story – Improved Digestion and No Cravings!

I realized it was time to make a change in my life after finding SANE. The program seems to make sense, especially because it’s a life-long approach that could change your mindset and lower your set-point.

Since discovering SANE, my digestion has improved 100%; l no longer need to take antacids. My awareness of what is inSANE, as well as the impact of sugar on me, has become clearer. My discovery of how to make SANE enjoyable and delicious is wonderful and it allows me to get full (not be hungry). Also, I have no cravings!

SANE is different from anything else that I have tried in the past in that it is more comprehensive. It is science-based, includes food, exercise, and a wealth of knowledge about health and well-being. The interactive website & online courses and videos are so informative, intelligently designed, and cover everything thoroughly in the program. The personal coaching is fun! Very encouraging and affirming. Also, I’ve received answers to all my questions. I really love the SANE approach that will be life-long for me!

The number one piece of advice that I would offer someone who is just starting out on their SANE journey is to just do it, and trust the process because it works. ~ Lynn T.