Rachel: Tired of being Tired Found – My SANEity

Rachel SANE

“It’s a real, doable way of life.”

There wasn’t one event that compelled me to take action in my life. I was just tired of being tired. Since discovering SANE I’ve realized all the misgivings I had about the standard food pyramid have been validated.

Jonathan did the research to prove the best way to eat. Now I have a plan to eat better and green smoothies are a way of life!

SANE makes sense! It’s a real, doable way of life. The Calorie Myth is the crux of all that’s bad about other diets.

My advice to those just starting or thinking about going SANE, just try ONE piece of advice from Jonathan. Start with one step and then add another. Pick something easy and ADD to your lifestyle! Don’t try omitting immediately.

– Jennifer

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