Rose’s SANE Success Story – Life Changing *Updated Down 31 Pounds!

We were excited to get Rose’s update…Now down 31 pounds!

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Earlier this year at a doctor visit, I discovered that my A1C had reached its highest level ever, with medication. That was when I realized that I had to make a major change in my life and do things differently.

Since discovering SANE, my mood is better, my energy levels are amazing and I feel great all over. My clothes are fitting better and everyone is telling me that I look great!

SANE is different from anything else that I have tried in that it is a 30-year plan, not a 30 day one, and it is not a diet. It’s an entire life change that you can embrace. It’s not a rigid program, it’s flexible and something that I can make my own.

The number one piece of advice that I would offer someone who is just starting their SANE journey is not to get overwhelmed. There is time to learn things at your own pace. ~Rose H.

Update 9/20/2019

Before SANE, I had issues with extra weight, low energy, low endurance, and not much strength. This was in addition to low motivation, even with my diabetes diagnosis. Overall, I just didn’t feel that good.

My “ah-ha” moment occurred when my A1C reached a level that caused me to say, “I’ve got to do something about this”. I wanted to reverse that trend to avoid typical diabetic consequences.

I then started the SANE program which included reading material, recording meals and receiving support including becoming active in the community of members who were in the SANE program. I also found a partner living close by who worked with me on the program. We did it together.

My SANE day typically includes at least 2 meals and 1 to 2 smoothies, plus snacks when needed. I never go hungry

The biggest success that I have celebrated since joining SANE is that to date, I have lost 31 pounds. I have lost inches across all traditional measurements and most importantly, I feel great! This has me going in a good direction and I don’t want to stop!

SANE coaches have played a part in my success by their support and their constantly encouraging me to read resources, record meals and gain additional support by engaging with members in the Community Forum.

A tip that I would offer for SANE success would be to have a friend join the program with you.  My friend is going through the program with me; we hold each other accountable.  

If I could talk to myself 3 or 4 years before I began my journey,  I would say that there is a program out there that can really help to improve you. It can have you ‘loving yourself slim. All you need to do is work on it.

Now that I have gone SANE, my life is awesome! This impacts how I feel about the day and I look forward to every day, with the variety of food that it includes. I am now in a state of health that allows me to do the things I love to do.