The 3 BIG Reasons Diets Fail (proof that your weight is not your fault)

There’s a lot of noise out there when it comes to diet, fitness, and health. Count calories. Fat is bad. Force your body to go drill sergeant on you with a zillion crunches as soon as you wake up. Don’t eat white foods. Drink diet shakes all day long. Celebrities with flat abs eat these foods and so should you.

That noise filters down to us through conflicting news reports, diet books based on logic thinner than the paper they’re printed on, silly diet gurus, the Internet, even our own government.

Your mind has been blasted with bad diet advice, warning you against forbidden foods with lists as long as Subway sandwiches, and getting you to buy phony, sometimes dangerous weight-loss products – most of which never worked and may have even made you heavier and sicker over time.

Very little of it is helpful, workable, or sustainable. Most of it is confusing.

Fail-proof weight loss?

Many of these sources are out to make a buck, which is why we now have a $50 billion diet industry. But you know what?

We wouldn’t have a multi-billion-dollar diet industry if any of this nonsense worked because we’d all be thin and fit.

None of this information, none of these products, none of these diets has anything to do with you getting thinner, happier, or healthier or with what actually works. As long as there’s money to be made capitalizing on your confusion, you can’t look to the diet industry to help you get thin or healthy.

If that doesn’t seem right, look around: The more effort we’ve put in and the more time and money we’ve spent, the fatter and sicker we’ve become.

Statistics on diet, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and diabesity

More of us are exercising than ever, and half of us are on diets, yet:

  • 2.2 billion of us are overweight. That’s the exact population of the entire planet three generations ago!
  • Shockingly, the rate of obesity and overweight is now more than 70 percent…
  • And, about 100 years ago, the obesity rate was less than 3 percent.
  • Then there’s the skyrocketing rise in type 2 diabetes: The rate of this disease 100 years ago was 1 in 4,000 people. Today, that rate is 1 in every 4 people – a 100,000 percent increase!

Even scarier, we are now in the throes of “diabesity” – the medical term for insulin resistance or elevated insulin levels that underlie both obesity and diabetes. There is such a close association between these conditions that about 90 percent of people who are obese will develop type 2 diabetes, reports the Centers for Disease Control. Sadly, it’s impossible to be overweight without increasing your risk of diabetes, and it’s impossible to be diabetic without increasing your risk of overweight and obesity.

An image of a man and woman wearing green "biggest loser" t-shirts.

Diabesity is now the largest epidemic the world has ever faced. According to a report in Diabetes Care, the total number of individuals with obesity-induced diabetes will escalate to 366 million worldwide by 2030.

To put that in perspective, that’s far more than the entire population of the United States and Canada combined!

Worse, a diabetes diagnosis is estimated to shorten the life span about as much as smoking (about 10 years).

Excess weight and diabetes are so closely linked that we’d all be slimmer, happier, and healthier if we saw them as one and the same – treating them both as critical medical issues deserving of the same priority and urgency we’d give any other epidemic causing millions of avoidable deaths annually.

The good news is that we can and will give them the same priority and urgency here. Research has proven that weight gain and diabetes have the same causes – disruptions in the body’s biochemistry – and they have the same “cures:” higher quality food, exercise, and habits.

Like so many others, maybe you’ve punished yourself with comfort cartons of ice cream or with hours of “cardio.” Maybe you’ve beat yourself up over your slips off the diet wagon, feeling miserable for days.

Maybe you’ve “shoulded” all over yourself (I should have eaten raw veggies at the party, not the cheese pastry puffs), pressing the guilt or shame button every time you commit some food felony. That’s no way to live. You deserve better.

Thoughts like these are devastating to the psyche. When the pounds don’t come off as promised, you regain more weight than before. And what starts as feelings of unhappiness or frustration quickly turns to desperation and hopelessness.

The emotional and psychological suffering is real, and the misleading, profit-motivated weight-loss industry has locked you in a prison cell of shame, complexity, and yo-yo dieting.

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Like High School, But So Much Worse

But we’ve been equally heartbroken over an unspoken truth in our society: It’s not only “ok” but actively encouraged to bully and discriminate against overweight people.

In movies, TV shows, the news, and even out in everyday life at the mall, restaurants, grocery stores, etc., it has become acceptable to treat overweight people as less human.

People literally say things like, “What’s wrong with them that they can’t control themselves? If they can’t even handle eating, how could they handle anything else?” And they say those things out loud, and that is putting it mildly.

If you’ve ever encountered this type of discrimination and bullying in real life, you know how horrific these encounters truly are.

Overweight people are taunted, mocked, ridiculed, and bullied – portrayed as lazy gluttons with no self-control as if their character is as “flawed” as their bodies.

This attitude isn’t even a subtle form of discrimination. It’s an accepted bias, and it’s wrong.

Several studies have underscored the tragic consequences of weight discrimination, also nicknamed “fat shaming.”

One example: researchers at the University of Florida found that more than 80 percent of people who used to be overweight would rather be blind or have their leg cut off than be heavy again.

Read that sentence one more time to make sure the severity of what we’re talking about here is clear. This is NOT about vanity.

This is about basic human rights!

Consider that other studies have proven that if you’re obese, you probably earn a lower salary, don’t get promoted much, or have a job with less customer contact than your naturally skinny co-workers.

That’s if you were lucky enough to get past the initial job interview. It’s apparently all right to do things like denying overweight and obese people jobs, promotions, airline seats, and more.

Maybe this is part of why 91 percent of women are disappointed with their bodies and resort to starvation as the “solution” to this shame… which, unfortunately, as you will soon learn, only aggravates the problem.

Sadly, fat shaming is the only acceptable form of blatant bullying and discrimination left in our society, and it’s getting worse.  Recent estimates suggest that its prevalence has increased by 66 percent over the past decade.

This means it has reached the levels and impact of racial discrimination in America, while NOTHING is being done to address it. Can you imagine the reaction if a minority or disabled person was treated how overweight people are constantly treated, out in the open?

We should all be sad, disgusted, and angry about these ugly truths but also passionate about ending the devastating physical and emotional toll of obesity (and the diabetes diagnosis that is essentially guaranteed if weight issues are not permanently resolved).

With love and caring – not shaming or bullying – we’ve got to stop treating obesity as if it’s a moral character flaw. It’s not.

It’s a complex disease – one that is now recognized by The American Medical Association as a medical disorder, just as hypertension and diabetes are.

Although overweight and obesity are defined medically as a disease, you are not defined by the disease you struggle with.

Often, when we hear about someone who suffers from a chronic disease, it’s easy to use the disease as a label to describe that person:

“There’s so and so, she has cancer,” or “He’s a diabetic.”

Are we just our diseases, or are we more?

When you look into the mirror, it reflects back a person, not a disease – a person who is worth a radically better approach to overcoming overweight and diabetes than you have been given to date.

Your weight is not your fault: fail-proof weight loss?

The diagnosis of overweight, obesity, diabetes, or diabesity is no more your fault than being diagnosed with the flu.  You don’t have the flu because you lack willpower or have a flawed character. Please don’t be hard on yourself.

Please do not blame yourself for struggling with a disease. And if you ever doubt this, walk into your local grade school during lunch and look around.

Are the skinny kids eating kale on treadmills while the overweight kids are sitting down, playing with their phones, and eating pizza? No. All the kids are sitting with their “screens” and eating junk, but some are thin, and some are heavy. It’s no different 30, 40, 50, or even 60 years later.

You didn’t fail at anything, so please, stop putting yourself on the scrap heap. Diets have been proven not to work. They have been proven to fail 95.4% of the time.

Nutrisystem is a joke. Are you supposed to only eat food you get in the mail for the next 30 years?  Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem are processed food companies masquerading as weight loss companies.

They make most of their money selling food-like products that cause the metabolic dysfunctions at the heart of obesity.

The bottom line is that the eat-less, exercise-more, shame, starvation, and stress methods of weight reduction failed you… you did not fail anything.

And they failed you because they were designed, at best, around flawed science, and at worst, no science at all…but rather predatory marketing and paid celebrity endorsements.

They make things worse, not better. Look around. You were given crippling, obsolete advice that has now been proven to not only fail to keep weight off long-term but to actually encourage weight gain and worsen diabetes over time.

Honestly, most of this advice has nothing to do with what actually works. You’re not weak. You’re not lazy. You’re not out of control. It’s not your effort that failed, it was the information you received.

The link between conventional diet methods and increased rates of overweight has now been proven as clearly as the link between smoking and increased rates of lung cancer.

When you understand that being overweight, obese, or diabetic is neither your fault nor a character issue, you will be free. You will never have to suffer insecurities or deal with negative feelings or disappointment because of your weight gain – never, ever.

You’re going to put yourself and your real needs first.

You’re going to let go of what failed you in the past. You’re never again going to do the same thing over and over, expecting different results. You’re going to heal — not starve — your body and the rest will fall into place.

I promise. It’s proven science like our patented postbiotics. It works for everyone, always. It will change your life forever if you give yourself the chance.

I realize you’ve heard, read, and done a lot of different things to lose weight over the years. But the pounds didn’t budge, at least not for long. If you’re like the hundreds of thousands of people my team and I have worked with, you’re seriously discouraged.

So I certainly recognize why you might be a little bit hesitant when you read one more thing about how to get thin and healthy.

Let me offer you some peace of mind: The opportunity is here now for you to make the transformation from literally the worst shape of your life to the best.

Please hear me out: what I’m introducing to you here is cutting-edge information that has been hidden from you. I promise you that you haven’t tried anything like this, because the proven science you will learn here has never been shared broadly before.

I’m going to pull back the curtain and share with you the new science of slim. It involves a totally different approach, one that gives you a totally different result: The ability to become naturally thin for life. The ability to break free from that paralyzing prison cell of shame, complexity, and yo-yo dieting.

When you break free from shame and step into the world of science, lasting weight loss and controlling diabetes become like boiling water.

If I put this pot of water on a hot burner, will it boil? Yes. Always? Yes. What about if I use this other pot instead? Will it still boil? Yes. Always? Yes. What if I turn the flame down, will it still boil? Yes, it will just take longer.

Always? Yes. Heat a pot of water on your stove, and it boils. Always. Live in line with modern metabolic science, and you heal. Always.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Three reasons why diets have failed you

The reason that most diets have failed you is that you have not been given the right information.

Reason number 1: conflicting and confusing health information

Think of this like hopping in your car, ready to head to a new destination, but with the wrong directions. You follow those directions, thinking you’ll find where you want to go, but you end up at someone named Jillian’s house…totally lost.

In your confusion, you might even have a fender-bender, or worse, a total-your-car collision as you tried to navigate your way. The health and weight loss guidance you’ve received up to now is in the wrong direction.

If you don’t have the right directions, you’re bound to have all kinds of health wrecks, such as yo-yo dieting, obesity, diabetes, and diabesity.

So take a deep breath and put aside every notion you’ve ever had about dieting and exercising. They didn’t work in the past.  They can’t work in the future. And you are not at fault in the present. You are about to head off on a new road to slimness, health, and wholeness – correct directions in hand.

Reason number 3: calorie/point counting and cutting don’t work

For decades, you have most likely been told to lose weight by counting every single calorie (or “point”), cutting back drastically on food, and starving yourself in order to get thin.

Cutting calories is a polite way to say: “Focus your brilliant and beautiful mind on starving yourself.” And it is counterproductive. Period. Based on what modern science has now proven, the belief that you can starve your way to LASTING weight loss is as outdated as believing the world is flat. It doesn’t work. Plus, it doesn’t just fail, it will make you heavier.

That’s obviously devastating. Just think how you’d look and feel today if you knew that calorie counting and starvation dieting were so counterproductive.

Here is the simple truth proven by modern metabolic science: The only way to get thin and healthy – and to stay that way permanently – is by eating more of the right foods and exercising less—but smarter. Do both, and you’ll lose more than 200 percent body fat than you did with conventional diets – and never yo-yo diet again.

The plan you’ll follow here will do that for you. It’s not about cutting calories. In fact, I guarantee you will not be cutting or counting a single calorie. Instead, you’ll be introduced to a satisfying, fat-burning way of eating that will help your body find its way back to health and to your ideal weight.

You may have also been told that the best way to burn fat is through long, exhausting, and frequent workouts.

Again not true.

It’s definitely NOT about spending hours in the gym.

If you don’t want to spend your life going from crash diet to crash diet for an upcoming high school reunion or beach vacation ever again, or boot-camp yourself to exhaustion, or count calories like they’re individual sins, this is the plan for you. It will change your body, your attitude, and your life.

Reason number 3: your setpoint

Inside that beautiful body of yours is a naturally thin person struggling to come out – someone who can eat as much as he or she wants, does not need to spend hours exercising, and can still stay slim.

You know people like that. Maybe you’ve envied them. Maybe you’ve wished your body worked like theirs.

Yet until now, you’ve been forever fighting against your body and your mind. You’ve determined your worth by a number on the scale. You’ve held yourself to impossibly high standards that do nothing but fester inside you and make you feel hopeless.

You’ve spent hours planning how to eat less, hours torturing yourself with exercise, and brow-beating yourself with insults, and for what?

What has this starvation + stress + shame conventional approach done for you to date?  And how can naturally thin people do nothing and see the results that you are working so hard for but aren’t seeing for yourself? Constantly fighting your body and battling your mind takes up so much attention and focus that enjoying life can become impossible.

With this plan, there will be no more exhausting fights with yourself. I’m offering you a new approach that works with your body and mind to help you become naturally thin.

Can you imagine what that would be like? Just think: Never diet. Never feeling like you must make up for nutritional sins. But instead, your body effortlessly burns calories all day long rather than store them as fat. You stop losing and regaining the same 20, 50, or more pounds over and over again throughout your life.

You maintain a healthy, empowering weight – and even enjoy some cheesecake or French fries every now and then without worrying about putting on any pounds.

I’m here to tell you that you can be a member of that exclusive “club” of naturally thin people. In fact, I’m handing you your membership card right now.

I realize that it sounds too good to be true. But it is the truth – and scores of scientific studies, plus tens of thousands of success stories, prove it… and you will have proven it for yourself less than 30 days from now.

You see, there’s an invisible force inside you that is conspiring to cling to extra pounds, and it has nothing to do with calories, points, mail-order meals,  cardiovascular exercise, or any of the conventional diet nonsense you’ve been fed – and that has failed you over and over and over for most of your life.

What’s truly holding you back – and what can permanently set you free — can be summed up in a word: setpoint. And it’s something you can control. When you control it, you stay naturally thin.

Setpoint, in a nutshell, refers to the level of stored fat the body works to maintain by regulating your appetite and metabolism through your hormones, genes, and brain, regardless of the number of calories you take in or exercise e off.

Setpoint also explains why you have such a tough time keeping fat off through traditional diet and exercise programs. Think of it as a clogged sink. What if your plumber came in and said the cure for the clog was to stop using your sink?

Sure, this fixes the symptom (the sink’s not going to overflow) but not the cause (what’s causing the clog?), and who wants dirty hands for the rest of their life?!

The cause of that clog is eating poor quality foods and habits that throw your fat-burning, appetite-taming hormones out of whack.

This plan is about lowering your setpoint in order to keep your body in a fat-burning mode 24/7. When this happens, you also KEEP those pounds off. Every day of your life, you will wake up in the type of body that you deserve, and that has previously seemed impossible to achieve.

I know this is a lot to take in. But understand that we all have a setpoint – and that’s what determines how thin or overweight we are LONG TERM. Not calorie-counting or traditional forms of exercising. When you increase the quality of your eating, exercise, and habits, you lower your setpoint – and get your body to burn fat rather than store it.

That’s what the SANE Plan is all about

It removes the willpower, shame, and guilt from the weight and diabetes equation. It ends the frustration and the yo-yo dieting. It puts a stop to the painful and expensive health consequences of diabesity and does it with a proven system that will set the naturally thin person inside you free once and for all.

You are going to learn science and strategies – and apply them to your life – that are going to be radically counter to what you’ve heard before but are guaranteed to be absolutely life-changing.

You will have to try some things you’ve never done before. You’re going to have to let go of old beliefs about eating and self-incrimination over failed dieting and make the decision to create the body and the health you desire like your life depends on it.

And honestly, your life does depend on it. And you are worth it. Really, you are.

Discovering “The SANE Setpoint Diet”

I learned the above truth at an early age after watching my grandfather endure heartbreaking and completely avoidable suffering. He was a superhero to me – a second-generation American with parents who spoke no English.

He never graduated from high school, yet instilled in his four children the power of education.

All four went on to get Master’s degrees or higher.

For all he achieved in his life – from respect in the community to a beautiful, brilliant family – his superpowers could not help him overcome a supervillain that threatens over one out of every four of us: diabetes.

When my grandfather’s leg became infected with sepsis due to complications of diabetes, he was rushed to the hospital. Surgeons advised that his leg had to be amputated to save his life. But he would not agree to this surgery.

From outside his hospital room, I heard his shrieks to my mother who was at his bedside. “Please don’t let them take my leg … please don’t!”

My family decided to honor my grandfather’s wishes and steadfastly refused the potentially life-saving operation. He kept both legs, but within 48 hours, he was gone. That was the last time I saw my grandfather.

Diabetes took him from us just as diabetes is taking so many more of us and so many of our loved ones. To this day, every year, the dual epidemics of obesity and diabetes – “diabesity” kill more people than smoking, alcohol, and drugs combined.

When people ask me why I got into the business of teaching others how to lose weight and get healthier permanently, I tell them the story of my grandfather – and how I pledged to make sure that the superheroes in our lives don’t fall victim to lifestyle diseases the same way he did.

Growing up, I idolized two more superheroes. The first was the Man of Steel himself: Superman. In fact, my mother can tell you stories about my refusal to wear anything other than these outfits:
An image of a Jonathan Bailor as a child in his superman costume.

The second was my big brother, a strong, muscular football player. Every night, I’d sit at the dinner table with him and my brainy college professor’s parents, dreaming of the day when I would be as strong as he was. But as birthdays came and went, the opposite happened – I grew lankier, not bigger and stronger.

So I did what any professors kid would do: I studied, devouring every health and fitness magazine and book under the sun and listening to big, strong men like my brother talk about how to get big and strong. I thought I had finally discovered the secret to becoming Superman. After I went to college, I decided to put some of this hard-earned knowledge to work and help other people change their bodies as a personal trainer.

Every day, I counted calories, all the way up to 6,000 daily, because I wanted to bulk up. I asked my clients to count calories, too, so they could lose weight. Those clients were some of the most amazing, health-savvy women and men I have ever met: CEOs, doctors, and teachers. At first, I advised them to eat 1,600 calories daily and exercise for half an hour each day. But they couldn’t lose a pound, despite their successes in business and in life. So I cut their food intake down to 1,400 calories and increased their workouts to an hour a day. That didn’t work, either. I slashed their diets down to 1,200 calories a day and upped their exercising to 90 minutes daily.  Their weight still didn’t budge. As for me, I didn’t gain a single ounce of muscle.

I wasn’t gaining weight by eating 6,000 calories per day, and my clients, even on such restricted diets, weren’t losing weight – we were all just getting sick and depressed.

What was the problem? I assumed it was that we just needed to try harder. I guess I should eat 8,000 calories per day, and my clients should eat 800.

One day, while I knocked back a shot of calorie-packed olive oil, it suddenly occurred to me: What if some big strong man out there was thinking the exact same thing about me? “If that skinny, geeky kid could just eat more, he would gain weight—what’s his problem? He just needs to try harder.”

In a flash, I realized that even though all I’d ever wanted to do was to help people feel healthier and better about themselves, what I was doing was making everyone—including myself—sicker and sadder. By urging them to try harder, I was making them feel more guilt and shame,

I stopped training clients because I realized that advising them to count calories and over-exercise was hurting them.

After making so many mistakes, I was hell-bent on making things right, so I asked my college professor parents for advice. I told them about the countless hours I’d spent reading and studying and applying what I’d learned—and the results I wasn’t seeing. They said, “You and your clients are not suffering from an effort problem. You’re all trying really hard. What you have is an information problem. Consider the sources.”

They were absolutely correct. Neither I nor my clients had a “trying hard problem;” we had an information problem.

So I discarded everything I thought I knew and started fresh, beginning a new journey that took me deep into the foreign lands of jargon-packed scientific studies and mind-bending academic journal articles. In the process, I discovered that everything I’d ever been taught as a trainer was disproven in the scientific literature. What I thought I knew about fitness and weight loss was wrong.

As I learned more, I was no longer interested in fighting against the body; I wanted to learn how to transform the body. I wanted to find out how to improve the system itself rather than use barbaric starvation or obsessive exercise to torture a system that wasn’t working correctly in the first place. Fifteen years, 10,000 pages of research, 1,300 scientific studies, and countless conversations with scientists, later, I emerged from my research journey reborn.

For the first time, I realized a powerful truth: I would never be “strong enough” to leap tall buildings in a single bound. My genes simply wouldn’t allow it. But I also realized a truth that freed me and changed my life forever: While I might never become Superman literally, through modern nutrition and exercise science, I could become the very best version of the person I was born to be.

And that is exactly what will happen to you: you’ll become the healthiest, happiest, most energetic super version of yourself.

Once I realized how the body really works—through the proven new science of slim – I couldn’t wait to share the information with the world. I recommitted my life to helping people achieve their weight loss and health goals with data and facts rather than hurting them with fairy tales of starvation, dieting, and extreme exercise.

Since the beginning of my research journey more than 15 years ago, I went on to lead multiple development teams at Microsoft, registered 25 patents, and had wonderful opportunities to work with some of the most well-known products in the fitness industry, including the Nike Plus Kinect Training platform, as well as Xbox Fitness. I merged my learning in the realm of biology and exercise physiology with my engineering background to literally engineer solutions for fitness and nutrition. And so, with the SANE Setpoint Diet plan, I share tools with you that will save your life if you take action and put them into use. You can literally re-engineer your body into the body of a naturally thin person, and I’ll show you how.

The bottom line is you can transform your body. And it’s easier than you think. You can eat more, not less—and you will get leaner and healthier in the process. You can enjoy an astounding level of energy, vibrancy, love, and satisfaction in your life – without spending most of it in a gym. You don’t have to suffer. You just need the correct information and the right guidance. And the good news: You will get all of that here.

Ready to go SANE?

My life’s purpose led me to create the SANE Plan, write a New York Times best-seller called The Calorie Myth, and the upcoming The Setpoint Diet. Heralded by leading researchers in obesity and diabetes treatment and medicine, the books thoroughly debunk everything you’ve been taught about calories, dieting, exercise, and weight control. My SANESolution team and I then went on to perfect the methods to help people lower their setpoint – and do so with permanent and dramatic results.

The SANE philosophy, woven throughout this site, states that eating should be enjoyable, and simple, make you feel completely satisfied, and ignite your body’s natural fat-burning power. It is also rooted in modern science that says weight gain, obesity, and diabetes are medical issues, as well as symptoms of an elevated setpoint caused by the wrong foods, yo-yo dieting, and ineffective habits. Remember, these issues are NOT character flaws, nor do they reflect a lack of willpower.

Let me press pause here for a moment and ask you:

  • Do you want to improve the quality of your life?
  • Do you want to look and feel better than you have in years?
  • Do you want to prevent disease and injury? Do you want to reverse diabetes and diabesity? And do you want to live a longer, more vibrant life?

I’m sure that you answered “yes” to each of those questions, just like the tens of thousands of people I and my staff have counseled and coached.

You just need to go SANE—and then you will become your own favorite superhero, too. And you and your body will truly live happily ever after.

Now, let’s talk about how to make that happen and how to use the SANE plan.

The SANE Setpoint Diet is your personal blueprint to lowering your setpoint, maintaining a low setpoint for life, and reclaiming that naturally thin person inside you.

Your transformation begins with understanding your setpoint, what it is, how it works, and what yours could be. We’ll look at all the hidden factors that control it, including hormones, brain inflammation, and gut bacteria – and how you can get control of these factors so that you’re not in an ongoing war with your waistline.

You will see how important it is to free yourself from trying to manually regulate calories in and out – a maddening, never-ending task that’s just about as feasible as trying manually regulate all your breaths in and out.

This will all feel like shifting from spending the past few decades exhaustingly swimming upstream to peacefully floating along with the current.

And just like those naturally thin people, you will see how to make your body excellent at burning fat – even if you eat more calories. With this plan, you will re-engineer a body that has no choice but to burn fat all day, every day.

I’ll introduce you to what I call SANE foods – very specific high-quality foods that heal and then optimize your body’s fat-burning mechanisms. By contrast, the processed foods that are not only advertised as healthy but are often sold to you by the very companies who claim to be working to help you lose weight create hormonal, neurological, and gastrointestinal “clogs” that raise the set-point weight and cause chronic fat gain. Healing your hormones and lowering your setpoint via high-quality whole plant and animal foods keeps you slim as reliably as your existing set point keeps you heavy.

So to lower your setpoint and stay naturally thin, you must focus on the quality of calories you eat – not the quantity. When you get the quality right, your lowered Setpoint will take care of the quantity automatically.

Here’s what I mean by “quality”: Do you think your body will respond in the same way to 500 calories worth of pink slime laced with high fructose corn syrup as it will to 500 calories worth of salmon and asparagus? No, but if you believe the calories in/calories out theory, they ”should” result in the same amount of weight gain.

It’s not about calorie quantity; it’s about calorie quality.

As you will learn, the quality of calories varies wildly and is determined by four factors: Satiety, Aggression, Nutrition, and Efficiency (hence the SANE acronym).

  • Satiety is how quickly calories fill you up.
  • Aggression is how likely calories are to be stored as body fat.
  • Nutrition is how many vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, and so forth, that calories provide.
  • Efficiency is how easily calories are converted to body fat.

High-quality calories are Satisfying, unAggressive, Nutritious, and inEfficient. They include non-starchy vegetables, nutrient-dense proteins, whole-food fats, and low-fructose fruits. All of these foods are what I call SANE foods. And in addition, you will discover breakthrough optimal SANE superfoods that have transformational healing powers when it comes to clearing the biological “clogs” which elevate your setpoint.

But most importantly: SANE foods trigger the release of body-fat-burning hormones, heal biological factors holding you back, and lower your setpoint. The more SANE foods you eat, the naturally slimmer you’ll get.

You will absolutely love SANE foods, too, and you won’t feel deprived. All your favorite tastes, flavors, and textures are part of a SANE lifestyle. And when it comes to quantity, the most common “complaint” I hear during this plan is: What if I am too full to eat all this food? Talk about “good problems!” As for cravings – like longing to bite into a glazed doughnut or getting up close and personal with a bag of chips – they’ll disappear forever.

You’ll also learn a simple meal-planning technique for creating delicious, satisfying SANE meals. It is an abundance-based approach to eating that works for the entire family – at home or on the go. And whether you’re an experienced cook or a novice, this part has some simple and revolutionary meal prep methods that will lower setpoint quickly, affordably, and deliciously.

You’ll also be introduced to SANE nutraceuticals – therapeutic nutrients you can add to the plan if you would like to speed up your healing.

The power of nutraceuticals is found in their scientifically proven ability to increase the fat-burning and setpoint-lowering effects of higher-quality eating and exercise.

Eating SANEly has the biggest impact on your setpoint. But exercising properly also has a tremendous clog-clearing impact. We will explore how to work out in order to lower your setpoint, therefore enabling your body to burn fat for you long term. It is completely different from exercising to burn a few calories right now. In fact, you’re going to learn a simple yet amazing way to work out smarter – not harder – and get astonishing results using a simple set of movements you can perform in just 20 minutes. Exercising smarter gives you the best return on your efforts. My shorter SANE routine has a more profound impact on your metabolic health than any workout you’ve ever done, anyone can do it anywhere, and it powerfully helps to lower your setpoint.

We’ll talk about effortlessly living your healthiest life ever, inside and out. This includes the SANE mindset – which focuses on making progress rather than pursuing perfection and pursuing the positive instead of attacking the negative. You’ll learn a totally unique approach to goal-setting, habit change, and other inspiring and essential elements that nobody is talking about but are scientifically proven to speed up your success and are likely the exact issues holding you back from finally achieving your weight loss goals once and for all. They are the evidenced-based psychological tools of permanent change and ways to stick with a plan.

Also, weight loss is often synonymous with feelings of frustration, guilt, failure, and shame – all of which take an emotional toll. Your self-image suffers, perfection becomes a preoccupation, and feelings of utter worthlessness are put down deep roots. It then gets harder and harder to consistently make the right choices. And when you don’t, you feel guilty and ashamed of yourself. In fact, emotions such as stress, guilt, and shame have been scientifically shown to elevate your setpoint weight because of their effect on the release of fat-storing stress hormones. This part of the plan is a scientifically backed program that will teach you the SANE mindset to help you create change and inspire action.

Successful weight loss must never include suffering. The SANE approach incorporates powerful psychological tools that effectively decrease all these setpoint-elevating emotions – and does so through a gentle and loving process. No longer will you have to go through life feeling shame and guilt – which, for many, can bring on isolation, loneliness, and depression. Use the SANE solutions presented in this plan, and you’ll experience breakthrough after breakthrough until you are forever free and experience what we like to call ”nutritional serenity.” You’ll discover how to show your body the love and respect it deserves each and every day. In fact, you’re going to love yourself again, and you’re going to regain your SANEity.

If you choose to join the SANE Family, you’ll also be introduced to the 21-Day Plan and how to live #SANE4Life. The 21-Day Plan takes you by the hand, day to day, and guides you in making SANE choices – in food, activity, daily actions, and psychological solutions that give you the deep power to create the change you deserve in your life. If you follow the guidance in this plan, your confidence and belief in yourself will build daily because it provides proven tools you need to consciously make transformative changes easily. Simply follow the plan like you would follow a recipe, and you will experience breathtaking and life-altering results.

The power of this plan is that it reprograms your body to lower your setpoint by ten pounds in 21 days. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to lose ten pounds, but it does mean that your body will work for you to be ten pounds lighter forever – and unlock that naturally thin person inside you.

While it is one of the most breakthrough developments in the treatment of obesity and diabetes in recent history, the 21-Day Plan is just the beginning. As you move into living #SANE4Life, all you have to do is keep using the tools you’ve learned and keep believing in yourself. When you approach your new SANE life with the next 30 years in mind rather than the next 30 days, you will be empowered to make SANE choices easily and forever. Best of all, your setpoint-lowering journey does not end with this plan. Rather it takes you to places that you cannot imagine and to destinations you never knew existed, and at the end, you’ll discover a whole new beginning.

With The SANE Setpoint Diet, you’ll leave the past few decades of weight-loss and exercise brainwashing where they belong; in the past. And together, you and I will walk together into a bright new future of proven science, practical habits, powerful love, and a low setpoint weight. Go SANE with me, and you never have to worry about your weight again. I promise.

Just imagine a day in which the idea of eating or exercising does not bring up any negative or guilty thoughts inside you. Imagine a day when you can actually enjoy sitting down to a meal because you are enjoying a SANE life. Imagine a day in which your feelings about your body are so loving and positive that your whole life is transformed. Imagine lifting all those psychological burdens that have built up in your life due to your deep frustration, guilt, and shame about food and weight.

Can you really imagine it? Well, listen to me, because this is really important. Whether they come in the guise of a challenge or even a crisis, we all have those experiences in life that change us at the core. We may not always recognize them at the time, but when we look back, we see that they are crystal clear – the turning points that shape our lives, redirect our energies and give us a deeper appreciation of who we are or want to become.

Let the SANE experience be that turning point for you. It offers lessons and direction that can help and heal you. It provides answers to questions that once eluded you, but will now liberate you.

Should you make the decision to go SANE with everything you’ve got, your life will go from black and white to color – and your awesomeness will burst into full view. There will be no more blaming or shaming yourself or taking stuff out on yourself.

Please believe that anything is possible when you go SANE. I don’t care if you have Twinkies hiding in your desk drawer, are reading this during your second hour on the treadmill, or are on the verge of having a surgeon mutilate your digestive system with the hopes of forcing yourself to eat less. If you trust the SANE Setpoint Diet plan – really trust it – and totally go for it, you will start living the type of life you have only dreamed of, and you’re going to be living it in a smaller, healthier body. It is proven science plus rigorous engineering. It works. Always and for everyone.

I want to help you realize how wonderful you are to understand the strength, courage, and capability that have been gifted to you but have yet to be taken out of the box. It’s a decision, and you can make that choice. You don’t have to wait until you get some devastating diagnosis, overhear someone say, “My God, look at her,” or otherwise pick yourself up from rock bottom. You can decide: this is my time to live the very best life possible. No longer will I wait. No longer will I sit on the bench watching other people fulfill their dreams, This is the time when I will live the life I was meant to live! This is my time to transform! This is when I will go SANE.

That life is here for you right now. Thank you for the privilege and honor of sharing it with you.

– Jonathan Bailor, CEO & Founder SANESolution



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