Setpoint Theory & Weight Loss

Lower Setpoint Weight

Preventing Weight Gain Without Cutting Calories and Exercising More

If you believe controlling your weight means eating less and exercising more, you’re not the only one. Hundreds of millions of people have tried this method for decades, and where has it gotten them? Sorrow. Guilt. Shame. Frustration. And weight gain. That’s right. Cutting calories not only causes most people to regain the weight but […]


How to Improve Blood Pressure: Is Lowering Your High Blood Pressure Worth the Effort?

If you’re wondering about how to improve or lower your blood pressure, you probably discovered that you have high blood pressure during a routine doctor’s visit. This is a likely assumption because low blood pressure is not a health risk unless it is extremely low or is causing symptoms, such as dizziness or fainting. Because […]

How to Improve Your Cholesterol & Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

If you’re wondering how to improve your cholesterol, your health care provider has probably told you your “numbers” are abnormal. This generally means your total cholesterol is too high, your HDL (good) cholesterol is too low, your LDL (bad) cholesterol is too high, or your triglycerides are too high. (More than one of your cholesterol […]

The Effects of Incorrect Exercise on Setpoint Weight

the-effects of-incorrect-exercising

The effects of incorrect exercising have been written about quite a bit. Exercise can involve many twists and turns, with and without weights. Obviously, the effects of incorrect exercising in these situations can be dangerous. What is hardly ever discussed, however, are the effects of incorrect exercising on setpoint weight. This is unfortunate because the […]


What Are Processed Foods & Their Effects on Your Health?

The effects of processed foods are undeniable. Though they affect each person differently, their ability to attract people and gain a loyal following is unsurpassed by any other type of product. And why not? You have to eat and…well…processed foods are everywhere. They command the center aisles — the biggest section — of every grocery […]

Get in Shape for Summer the Healthy Way with SANE


Summer is here again. Depending on where you live, summer is a season of wall-to-wall sunshine. Pearly white smiles surrounded by perfectly tanned faces. Bare bronzed arms, legs, and tight bellies. But it’s not a happy time for everyone. Don’t be ashamed of your body, afraid you don’t have a perfect summer body, lead the […]

The Newest Weight Loss Breakthrough for Men: SANE Diet & Exercise Plan


According to a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, 40% of U.S. men are overweight and another 35% are obese. Given these figures and the well-known fact that being overweight increases the risk for many diseases, there are undoubtedly many males focusing on men’s weight loss strategies. But you wouldn’t know that by seeing advertisements […]

The Effects of Visceral Fat: What it is and Why You Should Care


The effects of visceral fat are probably not something most people think about. They are much more likely to think about belly fat in general with the goal of getting rid of it as quickly as possible. If you have problems with belly fat, you can probably identify with this attitude. Studies show a high […]

Bad Belly Fat: What it is, Why it’s Harmful, and How to Lose It


If you receive a survey asking what your least-favorite body part is, what would you reply? If you’d say, “my belly,” you probably mean the jiggly belly fat you just can’t seem to lose, no matter what you do. You’re not the only one who feels that way. When Prevention magazine asked its readers the […]

10 Fat Loss Lies and the Slimming Truth


If you’re reading this article, it’s a good bet fat loss is a problem for you. You’ve tried everything to lose that stubborn fat. Crash diets. Fad diets. Nutrisystem. Jenny Craig. Weight Watchers. Aerobics. Weight Training. Why, you have enough weight loss DVDs to start your own store! And yet, that fat is still hangin’ […]