Setpoint Theory & Weight Loss

Lower Setpoint Weight

How to Burn Fat

How to Burn Fat and Lose Weight Effectively

Discovering how to burn fat and keep it off is a problem many struggle with. You’ve likely tried more restrictive diets than you care to think about, perhaps for many years. Maybe you’ve performed strenuous exercises until you could barely move the next day. But give up frustrated because your weight continues to fluctuate. Leaving […]

How to Lose Weight with Diet

How to Lose Weight with Diet and Exercise

Americans are hardcore dieters. Approximately 45 million people in the United States diet each year, yet two-thirds are still overweight. Why? Diets don’t work. They’re, as we like to call it, inSANE. Fortunately, there is a SANE way. By following the SANE principles, you will learn how to lose weight with diet and exercise. SANE: […]

Best Way To Lose Fat

The Best Way To Lose Fat: 5 Slimming Secrets

“What’s the best way to lose fat” is something you may have already asked yourself … and your friends … and your personal trainer … and anyone else who claims to have an answer to this perplexing problem. After all, you’ve probably already tried everything to make the fat permanently disappear. Hours at the gym. […]