Diabesity Weight Loss and Hormonal Healing Solutions Series Program – Episode 5 Replay & Recap

An image of an open notebook with ink pen, a tomato, and a measuring tape laying on top of it.Welcome to the Diabesity Weight Loss and Hormonal Healing Solutions Series Program – Episode 5 Replay & Recap.

In this episode of the Diabesity Documentary, Jonathan addresses something that almost everyone overlooks when they are trying to avoid contracting diabetes and obesity. The Diabesity Docu-Series – Episode 5 shows you modern psychology’s best tricks, tools, and strategies to make sure your mind and body are aligned so you can easily and enjoyable complete this journey.

If you have ever struggled to reach a goal in the past, then you are going to find out why the conventional approach to goal setting is actually setting you up for disappointment. And Jonathan shows you a surprising new way to set goals that you can easily, enjoyably, and consistently reach.

Most people don’t realize that even more important than what you put into your mouth is what you put in your mind. The key is that when you change the quality of your thoughts, the quality of your self-image improves. That makes improving the quality of what you eat and how you live almost effortless. And that makes reversing or avoiding diabesity almost effortless! These are the amazing tools that work with your brain rather than against it — simple tools proven by modern psychology —  that you won’t find anywhere else and that give you shockingly quick results.

The secret to successful change is revealed in the Diabesity Documentary – Episode 5!

In episode 5 of the Diabesity Movie, Jonathan says he knows that sometimes making change is hard. You probably know you need to make changes in your life, but you may feel stuck. The secret to getting unstuck and feeling back in control of your health is to discover methods that make lasting change instantaneous.

Of course, you won’t completely avoid diabesity and lose dangerous excess pounds in an instant. But these methods will help you end this struggle, making an almost unimaginably bright future infinitely more achievable for you. One that is free from the grip of diabetes and obesity.

It might be hard to wrap your head around this concept now, but by the time you are finished watching the Diabesity Docu-Series – Episode 5, you’ll have a whole new mindset that will make achieving your new body and life so much easier.

The Right Tools For the Right Job

Why haven’t you been able to keep weight off long-term? It’s because, until now, you haven’t been given the right tools. It’s not just about “what to eat” or “how to exercise.” If you have ever struggled with sticking to a plan consistently over the long run, breaking old habits, dealing with cravings and emotional eating, engaging in self-sabotaging behaviors, or simply staying motivated, then you are missing the key tool our most successful members call “the SANE mindset.”

Practically every “wellness” and “weight loss” program on the planet is missing the vital ingredients for success that will learn in this episode of the Diabesity Documentary.

There is an alternative path with amazing psychological tools that work with your brain rather than against it—tools proven by modern psychology you won’t find anywhere else.

Jonathan asks: “What story are you telling yourself about your weight, body, and health?”

It all begins with the story you tell yourself about your life and the words you use to talk to yourself. As you follow along with the Diabesity Series Episode 5, keep this question in mind: What story am I telling myself about my body weight and my health? Is it true? Really, is it true? And then actually write out an answer to that question. Honestly. Listen to what you are saying to yourself, ask, “Is that true?” and start writing.

See, when you reshape the story that you tell yourself and change the conversation that’s going on in your head, you will experience positive results that no restrictive food list could ever match. The only path to permanent weight loss and diabesity defense requires that you believe in yourself and that you love yourself.

In the remainder of the Diabesity Documentary, Jonathan gives you the clinically proven tools to do just that. It’s time to create a new empowering story, and that is exactly what Jonathan helps you do.

Defeating diabesity: tools to help you believe in and love yourself

1. Progress versus perfection

The number one psychological secret to lowering your setpoint weight and leaving behind diabesity forever is letting go of the pressure to be perfect. In fact, the surest way to struggle is to seek perfection. It is essential that you shift your focus to “make progress” and let go of “be perfect.”

The idea of “I need to be perfect” makes change impossible because it robs you of the belief that you can change. Deep down, you know that “perfect,” especially when it comes to how you eat or how you look, is literally impossible.

What does “perfect” even mean? And have you ever met a perfect person? As Jonathan says in the Diabesity Series – Episode 5, “I don’t expect you to be perfect. I don’t want you to be perfect! And I need you to not expect nor want YOU to be perfect. It’s not a realistic or helpful expectation.”

Jonathan then shares a radically different mindset, one that will help you throw out the expectation of perfection, along with the stress it causes. This technique is essential to lowering setpoint weight and defending against diabesity, so be sure to watch the Diabesity Docu-Series – Episode 5!

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2. Break the cycle of shame

This one is tied to the pressure to be perfect. See, when you require “perfection” to feel successful, you will constantly feel ashamed. Shame is a powerful emotion. In fact, a renowned psychiatrist, physician, and researcher Sir David R. Hawkins, MD, Ph.D., has found that shame is the most debilitating of all emotions. It literally weakens you more than any other emotion you could possibly feel.

This is because shame is the intensely painful feeling of being fundamentally flawed and, therefore, unworthy of anything positive. It is the root cause of many struggles in your life, particularly with your negative lifestyle choices, weight, body image, and self-esteem. Even worse, feeling shame can cause you to feel ashamed about feeling shame. That leads to a vicious and setpoint-skyrocketing downward shame spiral. Until you break free from this insane cycle of shame … no food or wellness plan will give you the experience of life you are after.

What does the insane shame cycle look like in real life? Take a situation like a weekend binge on sweets. Shame says, “You are a bad person who never has self-control!” Sound familiar?

Shame is setpoint poison because it attacks the part of you that believes you can create lasting change. How can you ever make positive changes if you believe you are inherently bad, flawed, or wrong? If “you” are the problem, then “you” have no hope of solving the problem. Ever hear the old saying, “Wherever you go, there you are”?

This is especially true around food. In Jonathan’s research and working with clients for more than 15 years, he has found that everything that encourages shame around food is guaranteed to make you fat, sick, and sad. And unfortunately, shame around what people eat or do not eat is rampant and causes a condition he calls FOF, or the “Fear of Food.” It’s time to take back your power and toss shame in the trash along with the tools that cause it: your scale, food scales, calorie counters, and all that nonsense.

Join Jonathan on the Diabesity Documentary – Episode 5 as he shows you an easy way to break the shame cycle.

3. What the Hell Effect

In the Diabesity Movie – Episode 5, Jonathan gives a riveting explanation of something almost all frustrated dieters are familiar with — the “What the Hell Effect.”

It works like this:

The setpoint-elevating impact of shame gets even worse because it triggers what scientists call the “what-the-hell effect,” the cycle of indulgence, regret, and greater indulgence.

For example: “Well, that doughnut I ate for breakfast messed up my ‘points’ for the day, so I might as well make this a ‘bad’ day and eat pizza for lunch and ice cream for dinner.” Then tomorrow rolls around, and the internal dialog happens: “Since yesterday was so ‘bad,’ what the hell, might as well forget the whole week” And a “bad” meal becomes a “bad” day, becomes a “bad” week becomes a “bad” month becomes a “bad” year becomes a “bad” decade becomes diabesity and an elevated setpoint!

There is a better way.

Jonathan shows you how to turn those little indulgences into a SANE learning experience that BREAKS the “What the Hell Effect!” Be sure to catch episode 5 of the Diabesity Docu-Series.

4. The solution to shame cycling

In this section of the Diabesity Documentary – Episode 5, Jonathan says he wants you to know that you are a miracle. Indeed, it’s essential you know that you are a miracle because to break free from shame, you must be able to recognize that shame is a lie. Nothing you do —especially nothing about how you look, eat, or exercise—can strip you of your worth.

Jonathan shows you how to break free of the shame cycle by recognizing the 3 poison Ps of shame and analyzing when each of them occurs in your life. You have likely never heard of the 3 poison Ps of shame. But knowing them and practicing the easy method Jonathan teaches here is essential to breaking free of shame and diabesity.

5. Leave behind scale shame

Do you have a scale in your home? Do you use it regularly? Every time you step on the scale, consider your motivation. What is the point of weighing yourself? What does your weight tell you about what’s happening to your setpoint or even your health? Nothing.

Basing your value and worth on that number you see on the scale is a recipe for feelings of shame, guilt, and judgment. Give yourself permission to break free from this insanity. Weighing yourself tells you nothing about what’s happening with your setpoint and is therefore useless for defending against diabesity and long-term weight loss. In fact, it’s counterproductive because the scale encourages you to starve yourself, which increases your setpoint. Continually weighing yourself doesn’t work. If it did, it would have worked already.

Join Jonathan in the Diabesity Docu-Series – Episode 5, as he shows you a fun way to break free from scale shame!

6. The effective way to set and achieve goals

An image of a dart board with several darts in the center.There is an effective way to set goals that guarantee your success, and there is an ineffective way to set goals that will frustrate you and make it less likely you will reach those goals…

The truth is that all the other health programs you have tried in the past didn’t effectively lower your setpoint. This is because they focus you on negative goals; ie, they tell you what NOT to do. For example, do not eat too much fat, do not eat too many calories, do not eat too many points, and do not eat after 6:00 p.m. They do not focus on positive goals or telling you what to eat. For example, eat more non-starchy vegetables, eat more nutrient-dense protein, and eat more whole-food fats.

At best, negative goals make success harder; at worst, they make it impossible. Here’s why: When you tell your brain, “Don’t do something,” your brain responds by hyper-focusing on that thing. What else is it supposed to do? If your ancestors were out hunting and told themselves, “Don’t get eaten by a tiger,” what is the only thing their brain can do to help them? Put tigers top of mind!

The same thing happens with food. Have you ever tried not to think about a certain food? What immediately happens? You think more and more about that food.

To get your goals working for you—rather than against you — Jonathan shares an exciting way to set goals that always work for you.

Other tools to use

Jonathan shares other amazing tools for defeating diabesity by something he calls “Bite-Sized Success” and Results Goals Versus Process Goals. His explanation of these tools is so amazing this article couldn’t possibly do it justice. Be sure to watch the Diabesity Documentary for a full explanation of these tools.

Are you ready for a real, lasting, and easy change?

By using these tools Jonathan provides in the Diabesity Movie – Episode 5, you will begin to love yourself and gently make lasting changes that lead to permanent weight loss and freedom from diabesity. You will leave behind the frustration of quick fixes, shame, guilt, and blame and the embarrassment and broken promises of all the diets that have failed you in the past. You will genuinely love yourself again, care for yourself again, and finally see the change you deserve in your life.

Next step: Enjoy Diabesity Solutions SERIES – Episode 5 Replay & Recap with SANE

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