Diabesity Weight Loss and Hormonal Healing Solutions Series Program – Episode 4 Replay & Recap

A graphical image of a testosterone molecule. Welcome to the Diabesity Weight Loss and Hormonal Healing Solutions Series Program – Episode 4 Replay & Recap.

In this Diabesity Documentary – Episode 4, Jonathan discussed the third and final hidden key to lowering your setpoint weight: your hormones. Though a lot has been written and said about the hormonal link to weight gain, Jonathan takes it further. In fact, what you discover in this diabesity series module 3 will change how you view words like leptin and insulin and how they relate to diabetes and obesity.

Jonathan also shows you, later in this module, a new form of exercise you can do that activates specific types of fibers within your muscles that cause the most positive hormonal change in your body. This hormonal change will help lower your setpoint and reverse diabesity. And the best part? You actually need to do this low-impact type of exercise less, not more to see the best results!

Don’t miss Jonathan’s discussion of the hormonal clog’s link to weight gain and diabetes in the Diabesity Documentary – Episode 4!

In the Diabesity Series, Jonathan spends a lot of time talking about hormonal clogs, and for good reason — they are a major cause of weight gain and inability to lose weight. As Jonathan says, “If you’ve had trouble managing diabetes or losing weight and keeping it off, a ‘hormonal clog’ may be at work to keep your setpoint elevated.”

When you become hormonally clogged, your brain can no longer count on signals from your hormones that would otherwise enable you to burn body fat automatically. However, when you increase the quality of your eating, thinking, and moving, you can heal your hormones, unclog them, and begin to lower your setpoint. You will convince your body to burn body fat instead of storing it. You will get your body working 24/7/365 to defend you against Diabesity.

That’s exactly what Jonathan shows you how to do in this Diabesity Docu-Series – Episode 4. But first, you need to know how the hormonal clog/dysregulation develops and why and how it causes an elevated setpoint, leading to weight gain and diabetes.

“Think about your body as functioning like a sink” – Jonathan Bailor, in the Diabesity Movie Episode 4

How can you compare your body to a sink? As Jonathan says in the Diabesity Docu-Series, Episode 4 when a sink is working properly, more water poured in it means more water drains out. The water level may rise temporarily, but the sink will automatically take care of it. The sink balances water in and waters out at a low level. Think of a working sink as having a low setpoint.

A hormonally healthy body works similarly, doing its best to automatically prevent excess body fat from accumulating. A healthy body, like a “healthy” sink, responds to more in with more out and to less in with less out.

When water builds up in sinks and fat builds up in bodies, it’s because they have become clogged. As Jonathan asks in the Diabesity Series, Episode 4, “The key question then is, what causes clogs?”

Sinks and bodies get clogged and break down when we put the wrong things in them. This is why you don’t worry about washing your hands, but you do work to keep hair out of the drain. You know that no quantity of the right quality will ever clog your sink.

Once a clog happens, though, any amount of water IN will cause the water level to rise and stay high. Now you have a sink with an elevated setpoint.

Poor-quality food put into the body equals a hormonal clog

Think of your body in the same way. When you put poor-quality food into it, your body becomes hormonally clogged. This causes it to automatically balance you out at an elevated level of body fat (the diseases of overweight and obesity)  and also an elevated level of blood sugar (diabetes). Like a backed-up sink with stagnant water sitting in it, your body ends up carrying a lot of stagnant fat and blood sugar around. You have or are on your way to having Diabesity.

The hormonal clog elevates your setpoint and triggers a constant increase in appetite and cravings coupled with a decrease in energy and calorie burn. “Take more calories in and burn fewer calories off” is what just about every cell in your body is telling you to do to survive.

Even if you do grit your teeth and stick to your starvation diet and hours of cardiovascular exercise, this “hormonal clog” will cause your body to store more of the calories you eat as fat, while burning fewer off during exercise.

This is NOT your fault. This is a powerful biological mechanism that is impossible to defeat healthfully through sheer willpower alone.

So, as you can see, hormones play a huge role in regulating your setpoint. Fortunately, you aren’t at their mercy. There’s a lot you can do to control them. You just need to understand what they are and how they work.

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Jonathan’s stunning explanation of key hormones that affect setpoint weight in the Diabesity Series Episode 4: a MUST SEE!

Jonathan provides a thorough, interesting, and easy-to-understand explanation of key hormones that affect setpoint weight in the Diabesity Docu-Series Episode 4. There is much too much information for us to include in this recap. We urge you to watch episode 4 of the Diabesity Series. Or, better yet…order the entire Diabesity Weight Loss and Hormonal Healing Solutions Series Program!

What follows is an abbreviated recap of Jonathan’s discussion of key hormones that affect setpoint weight.

Hormones that Affect Setpoint Weight

Though there are many hormones that affect setpoint weight, these are the most important ones.


Leptin regulates body weight long term. Your fat cells produce leptin, which signals your brain when it has had enough food.

It works like this: as fat stores rise, more leptin is secreted. It travels to the brain with the message, “Your levels of body fat are increasing, so I’m going to make you feel full and fidgety so you unconsciously ‘eat less and exercise more.’” When your fat levels fall, so do your leptin levels, and your brain gets a strong hormonal signal to eat more and burn less. Leptin is what drives your motivation to eat and move, not willpower.

Overweight people already produce lots of leptin. After all, fat cells secrete it in proportion to the amount of body fat there is. The problem is that an excessive amount of circulating leptin causes. This means leptin is unable to get its message across to the brain, where normally an “I’m completely full and satisfied” message would be expected but is not delivered. Leptin resistance eventually leads to an elevated setpoint weight.

Once you heal the metabolic breakdown causing “leptin resistance, leptin is able to send correct messages to the brain that tell it you’re full. Do you know what makes the metabolic breakdown worse? Calorie counting, starvation diets, and excessive exercise.

Guess what solves the problem? You guessed it…lots of delicious high-quality SANE food plus the simple 5-step program to heal and balance your hormones that Jonathan reveals in this Diabesity Docu-Series – Episode 4.


Ghrelin is known as the “hunger hormone,” as it is all about appetite. Remember that when you go on a starvation diet, count calories and undereat your body revolts. It brings powerful mechanisms to bear to start defending a higher setpoint.

As part of this defense, your brain signals an increase in ghrelin to get you to eat more. With traditional starvation diets, ghrelin increases. This is another big reason why traditional starvation diets have failed and will always fail you. They only make you even hungrier and make you crave the exact low-quality inSANE foods that caused the hormonal clog in the first place!

Again, you are not doing anything wrong. Rather, your ghrelin is out of balance. But now, thankfully, you’ll be taking the right measures to get it back in balance. This Diabesity Movie Episode 4 contains a ton of valuable, actionable information that will help you balance ghrelin and the rest of your hormones.


In the Diabesity Docu-Series Episode 4, Jonathan really dives into a fascinating explanation of how insulin works. Insulin, produced by the pancreas, is a hormone that regulates blood glucose levels. This hormone is hugely important to setpoint weight, blood sugar control, and diabesity.

When your gut digests sugars and starches, it breaks them down into glucose, which is absorbed and distributed throughout the bloodstream. After eating, your glucose — or blood sugar — rises. This rise in glucose triggers your pancreas to release more insulin into the bloodstream. Insulin travels through the blood to your body’s cells, where it “tells” the cells to open up and let the glucose in.

Once inside the cell, glucose is converted into energy, or it is stored for later use. Without insulin, your body cannot use or store glucose for energy. Instead, the glucose stays right there in your bloodstream and starts building up.

If you eat too many foods that raise blood sugar, your glucose levels stay elevated longer than they need to. More and more insulin needs to be cranked out, and has to work overtime.  (In this Diabesity Documentary Episode 4, Jonathan reveals the type of foods that raise your blood glucose levels.)

Dangers of Insulin Resistance

An image of a word cloud of diabetes-related terms. Once insulin becomes elevated 24/7, the cells get so accustomed to its presence that they stop recognizing it and will not open up for it. This is known as insulin resistance. If this continues, insulin has no option other than to put almost all the calories you eat into your fat cells…since the doors of your other cells won’t open anymore.

Fat cells always open their doors to excess caloric energy to prevent a toxic build-up of blood sugar from killing you. And while this saves your life in the short term, it prematurely ends your life in the long term because it causes both excessive body fat (obesity) and high blood sugar (diabetes). That is, it causes Diabesity.

Also, if this cycle continues long enough, all the non-fat cells in your body scream, “We are starving!” This causes the body to respond by taking in excess calories and increasing its setpoint. Therefore, keeping insulin levels in check is vital, not only for preventing Diabesity but for maintaining a healthy low setpoint weight.

Other Hormones

In the Diabesity Docu-Series Episode 4, Jonathan discusses 3 more hormones — testosterone, estrogen, and cortisol — that affect setpoint weight and blood sugar regulation. In this episode, you will discover:

  • The surprising reason why testosterone promotes fat storage and insulation, and the foods that optimize testosterone levels, thus lowering setpoint weight.
  • Why estrogen imbalance leads to an accumulation of belly fat, and why eating SANE foods will rebalance it and lower your setpoint weight.
  • The amazing reason cortisol causes weight gain, especially in the belly, and raises setpoint weight.

And Finally….

Eccentric exercise to heal and rebalance hormones

Toward the end of the Diabesity Series, Episode 4, Jonathan reveals the 5 amazingly simple steps to healing and balancing your hormones. We do not have enough room to discuss all 5 of those steps here, but we will mention the last one: eccentric exercise.

Eccentric exercise focuses on the lengthening portion of the exercise, performing the movement slowly and in a controlled manner. This type of exercise has been shown to provide significant metabolic-healing benefits.

Eccentric training can be done by anyone, anywhere, and will provide setpoint lowering and diabesity defeating results that are impossible via any other form of physical movement. The key to eccentric exercise is that it focuses on activating specific types of muscle fibers that cause the most positive hormonal change in the body.

This form of exercise must not be done for long periods of time and must not be done frequently. In fact, it’s such a high-quality form of exercise — that is, it’s so potent — that very little of it is needed for very powerful hormonal results.

In the Diabesity Documentary Episode 4, Jonathan demonstrates an eccentric squat that is a must-see!!!

High-quality living is what it’s about

In this Diabesity Docu-Series Episode 4, and in the Diabesity Weight Loss and Hormonal Healing Solutions Series Program, you’ll notice the focus is always on quality. If you want to reprogram your body to behave like a naturally slim person and defend against diabesity, you can make that happen easily and effortlessly. All it takes is a commitment to high-quality foods and a high-quality lifestyle. You got this!!!

Next step: Enjoy Diabesity Solutions SERIES – Episode 4 Replay & Recap with the SANE

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