Diabesity Weight Loss and Hormonal Healing Solutions Series Program – Episode 6 Replay & Recap

An image of a healthcare worker pricking a patient's finger to test blood glucose level.Welcome to the Diabesity Weight Loss and Hormonal Healing Solutions Series Program – Episode 6 Replay & Recap

In episode 6 of the Diabesity Docu-Series, Jonathan teaches you exactly what to eat to eliminate your risk of diabesity and reverse the symptoms if you are already suffering. He will show you how to make eating simple and fun. He will show you how to feel confident with every food choice you make.  Eating will finally be enjoyable, and you will be forever freed from guilt, shame, and confusion.

Jonathan covers it all: Heavenly healing desserts. The perfect and colorful diabetes-free S.A.N.E. plate. The most potent anti-diabesity fruits, vegetables, and spices. Yummy smoothies and beverages.  Meal plans to simplify your life. Simple and delectable SWAPS that your whole family will love—so you get the crunch and texture that we all crave without the deadly side effects.

What NEVER works to defeat diabesity

In the Diabesity Documentary, episode 6, Jonathan begins by discussing what never works to prevent or reverse the symptoms of diabesity. Can you guess what never works? If you guessed body shaming and bullying, you’re correct.

As Jonathans says in the Diabesity Series – Episode 6, “Body shaming and bullying will never help you or anyone else to reach their goals. It only urges you to feel ashamed rather than empowered.”

That’s because shame and starvation do nothing to heal the underlying cause — an elevated setpoint. In fact, they make it worse… much worse. This is why every relevant study ever conducted has shown that when people are starved, their weight doesn’t change as much as “calorie math” would predict because their setpoint “fought back” to try to keep the study participants at what it “thought” they should weigh.

The key is that if you are suffering from diabesity or pre-diabesity it is NOT your fault. You have been lied to because the scientific fact is that you can try to cut calories all you want, but until you are shown how to address the underlying cause — an elevated setpoint — your body will work to become MORE overweight and MORE diabetic over time… not less.

What DOES work to defeat diabesity

The only thing that does work to defeat diabesity is to focus on the quality of calories you put in your body, not the quantity. If you get WHAT to eat right, HOW MUCH will take care of itself. This is why you will never meet someone who becomes diabetic by eating too many non-starchy vegetables, nutrient-dense proteins, whole-food fats, and low-fructose fruits. This is because not all calories are NOT created equal: They work differently in the body depending on which food they come from.

How to determine the quality of calories to prevent diabesity

Jonathan thoroughly explains how to determine the quality of calories in module 6 of the Diabesity movie.

The quality of calories varies wildly and is determined by four factors: Satiety, Aggression, Nutrition, and Efficiency (SANE).

  • Satiety is how quickly calories fill you up.
  • Aggression is how likely calories are to be stored as body fat.
  • Nutrition is how many vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, and so forth, that calories provide.
  • Efficiency is how easily calories are converted to body fat.

SANE foods fill you up quickly and keep you satisfied for a long time. They also help balance your hormones, reduce neurological inflammation, and heal your gut thanks to the essential nutrients they provide.

The more high-qualities SANE foods you eat, the lower your setpoint and the stronger your defenses against Diabesity… and the best part is that you will absolutely love SANE foods, and you will never feel deprived. All your favorite tastes, flavors, and textures are available in abundance!

It just makes sense that the quality of your health and life all revolve around the quality of what you put into your body. It’s as simple as high qualities in, high qualities out… right?

High qualities Do NOT equal expensive

Jonathan also emphasizes that “quality” foods do not mean “expensive foods. Quality foods heal your brain, gut, and hormones so that your setpoint falls and you effortlessly avoid diabesity. It has nothing to do with spending a fortune on specialty foods. Eat non-starchy vegetables, nutrient-dense protein, whole-food fats, and low-fructose fruits, in that order, and you are good to go. Can they be frozen? Yes. Can they be conventional instead of organic? Yes. Can they be canned? Yes. Qualities have NOTHING to do with cost. In fact, once you get in the habit of enjoying high-quality SANE food you will spend less money and time on food.

Because while it’s 100% clear that 500 calories of chips and soda do something very different to you than 500 calories of salmon and sautéed spinach, it’s not at all clear that spending a fortune on certain types of salmon and spinach impacts anything other than your wallet. If you like buying wild-caught, organic, premium foods… that’s awesome… keep going. They are great. However, please just never ever ever ever think that high quality means high cost… it doesn’t, and you’ll see why in a moment.

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SANE calories versus inSANE calories: helping defend against diabesity

So remember, different sources of calorie work differently in your body, depending on their Satiety, Aggression, Nutrition, and Efficiency. That is, depending on how filling they are, their hormonal impact, the level of healing nutrients they provide you, and their chances of being stored as fat… in short… depending on their “SANEity.”

So, your solution is this simple. The more low-quality inSANE calories you eat, the higher your setpoint and chances of developing Diabesity. And the more high-quality SANE calories you eat, the lower your setpoint and the lower your chances of developing diabetes. So why not simply eat so much delicious, quick, easy, and affordable high-quality SANE food that you are too full for low-quality insane food? Why not enjoy so much “good” that there’s just no room for the “bad?”

This quality-based SANE approach to eating – and honestly, living — will change the way you think about food, calories, and even yourself.

“You are high quality, and you deserve high quality.” – Jonathan Bailor, Diabesity Docu-Series, Episode 6

Once you give yourself permission to live a high-quality SANE life and feel and see the results, there is no going back to low-quality insanity. You will be literally transformed inside and out, body and mind. Like the butterfly that emerges from the cocoon, you cannot go back to your previous life, and you can’t unknow what you now know. And thanks to your SANE body and mind, you’ll never want to because you know that you deserve nothing less than the best.

Here are a few examples of what this means in practice.

Calorie #1: Satiety

This one-word “satiety” can change your life. It’s how scientists measure how “satisfying” various foods are. For example, a food with high satiety satisfies you quickly and keeps you satisfied for a long time. On the other hand, foods like Pringles (aka “once you pop, you can’t stop”) have low satiety because you must eat a lot of them to feel satisfied—and even then, it doesn’t last long.

If you want to easily avoid hunger AND overeating, eat more high-satiety foods in place of low-satiety foods. For example, eat more meatballs, and you will have less room for pasta. The more high-satiety foods you eat, the fuller you are, making it harder to eat setpoint-increasing foods. By eating more of the “right” things, you effortlessly avoid the “wrong” things. It’s the simple and powerful science of satiety. It makes willpower obsolete—and that changes everything.

Calorie #2: Aggression

Calories vary in how likely your body can store them as body fat and how they impact your blood sugar and hormones. The more aggressive the calories are, the more your body will store them as fat due to their impact on blood sugar and hormones. So it’s not about eating less food; it’s about eating foods that less aggressively dump glucose into your bloodstream.

Calorie #3: Nutrition

Would it surprise you to know that what you’ve learned about nutrition is all wrong, or rather, incomplete? With three simple words—nutrients per calorie—you can see the real world of nutrition, and your setpoint will never be the same.

You just need to keep in mind that anything that anyone says about nutrition that isn’t framed in terms of “per calorie” is, at best incomplete and, at worst, wrong. This is true because nutrition refers to the vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants, and phytonutrients (beneficial plant chemicals) found in food.

However, the number of calories found in foods varies wildly, so talking about the nutrition of food without considering the calories within that food is like talking about parenting without considering the age of the child… without knowing the number of calories in the food or the age of the child… advice really can’t or shouldn’t be given! How to handle talking to strangers is very different for a 7-year-old than it is for a 17-year-old. And the nutrition of a cup of enriched wheat flour is VERY different from a cup of spinach. The quantity of years and calories matters!

In the Diabesity Movie, episode 6, Jonathan reveals an easy way to calculate nutrients per calorie. This knowledge, alone, will help you lower your setpoint weight and defend against diabesity. Be sure to catch this episode!

Calorie #4: Efficiency

The fourth and final part of the SANE acronym might be the most revolutionary and is definitely the least well-known in the mainstream. The E in SANE stands for “Efficiency.” Your body varies wildly in its ability to store things you consume as body fat. Your body can’t store some things you consume as fat, while it can efficiently store other things as body fat. If your goal is to have less fat on your body, it’s helpful to eat foods that your body is inefficient at storing as body fat.

Watch episode 6 of the Diabesity Docu-Series, where Jonathan reveals the exact foods that are either impossible or almost impossible for your body to store as fat. Plus, he gives you three words that will allow you to instantly know whether a food is SANE.

Eating real food for real results

An image of a plate of cooked broccoli and carrots.The real world is all about eating real food for real results… and the good news is that putting this high-quality diabesity defending SANE way of eating into action in the real world is really simple. In this section of the Diabesity Documentary, episode 6, Jonathan discusses the four food groups. All you have to do, Jonathan explains, is enjoy those foods in abundance in the order they are listed.

Jonathan also discusses the SANE plate. This is a super-easy way to judge how much of each food group should cover your plate at each meal. No more counting calories, measuring portion sizes, or memorizing exact menus. SANE eating is simple!

In the Diabesity Movie, episode 6, you will also discover:

  • How to make eating high-quality S.A.N.E. foods take less than half as much time, money, and mental energy than your current dietary habits.
  • Simple and satisfying SWAPS that your whole family will love to get the crunch and texture that we all crave without the deadly side effects.
  • How to make the entire family fall in love with food that will help them thrive at school, at work, and at home.
  • Mine, yours, and everyone’s favorites… Are delectable anti-diabesity desserts that heal our bodies really possible? Yes, and we will show you how.
  • Plus, Diabesity Defending Swap Cheat sheets so you will always know that secret ingredient to use instead of the typical diabesity-causing ingredient.

Are You Ready to Go SANE?

SANE meals are the healthiest way to eat for everyone in your family. Children, teens, adults, older adults, and anyone else will benefit from SANE eating. Think about it like this: How could eating food that prevents overeating (Satiety) while optimizing your hormones (Aggression) and giving you the most nutrition per calorie (Nutrition) without packing on body fat (Efficiency) not be healthy for everyone?

Next step: Enjoy Diabesity Solutions SERIES – Episode 6 Replay & Recap with the SANE

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