Diabesity Weight Loss and Hormonal Healing Solutions Series Program – Episode 7 Replay & Recap

An image of a young man and woman cooking in the kitchen together.What you put into your body is THE essential ingredient for fixing Diabesity and your setpoint. So, the Diabesity Docu-Series, episode 7 is all about cooking. In this episode, Jonathan heads into the kitchen to have some SANE fun! This Diabesity Series module is all about “quick, easy, and delicious SANE recipes that your entire family can enjoy.” You’ll join Jonathan and Chef Dawn Ludwig in the kitchen for a magical journey into sweet, savory, crunchy, and salty.

Jonathan and Chef Dawn packed all the healing deliciousness they could manage into this incredible episode 7 of the Diabesity Documentary. And the best part is that they filmed those cooking segments in Chef Dawn’s kitchen, just steps from Harvard University. So, you can bet every recipe is backed by proven science to defend against diabesity.

Whether you are a kitchen pro looking for diabesity defending swaps and tricks that the whole family will love, or a beginner looking for the basics, this Diabesity Movie episode has you covered. This is what you need to make everyone, even the pickiest of eaters, smile and enjoy healing S.A.N.E. food.

Delicious, SANE Ways to Prevent or Reverse Diabesity

In episode 7 of the Diabesity Docu-series, you will discover:

  • Intimidated by the kitchen? No problem, we have you covered. Been cooking for years but want to know fun ways to up the healing of your favorite dishes? It’s all here for you!
  • Short on time? You’ll see how cooking to dodge diabesity and lower your Setpoint takes less than 20 minutes per day.
  • Like saving money? You’ll learn how high quality does NOT mean high cost. These budget-friendly dishes will make both your wallet and mouth happy.
  • The “recipe for recipes” makes creating meals on the fly easy, fun, and delicious and allows you to transform old favorites into healing meals the whole family will love.
  • How to make therapeutically yummy dinners, lunches, fast and delicious breakfasts, snacks, truffles, waffles, chocolate, and more… all proven to prevent and reverse diabesity.

Heading to the kitchen to defend against diabesity

This episode of the Diabesity Weight Loss and Hormonal Healing Solutions Series Program is Jonathan’s favorite. Why? Well, Jonathan and Chef Dawn take you into the kitchen with them. They show you how to turn what you have learned up to this point about diabesity and your setpoint into delicious, fast, affordable, and simple recipes! That’s right. They make it paint-by-number easy for you to create scrumptious high-quality food that will literally change your life.

This is where the rubber meets the road. Chef Dawn is the author of the amazing book “Always Delicious.” She is someone who has a real knack for making delicious food simple. Chef Dawn uses smart substitutions to create diabesity defeating and setpoint-lowering versions of everyone’s favorite dishes like waffles, rice, mashed potatoes, and so much more!

Jonathan himself, by the way, vouches for the simplicity of these food preparations. And when Jonathan says simple, he means it! After all, Jonathan is a very busy man. He freely admits in the Diabesity Docu-Series, episode 7, that if a lower setpoint required daily grocery shopping, complex cooking every time he ate, or shopping only at farmers markets or Whole Foods, he would have a high setpoint. He doesn’t have a high setpoint, and you don’t have to have one, either. None of the nonsense that so many diets make you endure is required to deliciously lower your setpoint.

And Jonathan and Chef Dawn prove it in the Diabesity Documentary cooking episode.

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SANE cooking: the recipe for recipes

When you start cooking this high-quality SANE way, you will spend less time cooking than you spend eating. You’ll likely save money, too. You’re going to discover how to create thousands of recipes — without spending hours in the kitchen or a fortune on food. Yes…how to create thousands of recipes because this approach is like having a recipe for recipes.

If you have a recipe, you can cook one meal. If you have a recipe for recipes, you can cook every meal you’ll ever want. Or, think of it like this…remember the old joke where someone finds a magic lamp, rubs it, and a genie pops out saying they get three wishes, and then the person wishes for more wishes? Well…this is your magic lamp, the recipe for recipes you will start to discover in this Diabesity Documentary episode is like being granted the wish for more wishes!

In this Diabesity Docu-Series episode, Jonathan offers one piece of advice before heading to the kitchen with Chef Dawn. Ready? He says to “pick up a pen because you will want to write this down”:

The SANE Recipe for Recipes is this simple:

3 non-starchy vegetables + 1 nutrient-dense protein + whole-food fat + 1 seasoning or SANE condiment = a delicious and setpoint-lowering high-quality diabesity defeating meal.

It’s as simple as that. With this recipe for recipes, you have access to thousands of potential meals, all of them with the exact ingredients needed to defend against diabesity.

Cooking with Jonathan and Chef Dawn

Jonathan and Chef Dawn delivered a 3-day Diabesity defeating cooking course. The Diabesity Documentary – episode 7 contains some of their favorite recipes from this cooking course. (The full course contains all of the recipes from the cooking course, so be sure to register for it!)

1. Diabesity Defeating Blueberry Waffles

Do you love waffles but avoid them because of the setpoint-elevating ingredients they contain? We’ve got good news. You don’t have to avoid waffles or any other favorite foods when you go SANE. That’s because there are SANE versions of every “inSANE food,” including waffles. Chef Dawn’s waffles are yummy and easy to make!

How can waffles be SANE, you ask? Easy. Chef Dawn shows you how to make them without grains. Tune into this Diabesity Documentary episode 7 to discover Chef Dawn’s replacement for grains in her waffles. Unlike regular waffles, these waffles fill you up fast and keep you full for a long time. No more getting hungry an hour later and reaching for refined carbs.

And guess what? Chef Dawn says these waffles freeze well. So, you can whip up a huge batch one day, freeze them, and feed your children quickly with these SANE waffles for breakfast when you’re rushed for time. Talk about a time saver!

2. Cheesy Smoked Salmon Mini Quiches

In this, the seventh episode of the Diabesity Movie, Chef Dawn shows you and Jonathan how to make crustless mini quiches. (A quiche is baked eggs with various ingredients added to them, such as green pepper, cheeses, etc.) This is a flexible recipe. It allows you to not only add any ingredients you desire but to also make different types of quiches for other family members — in the same muffin tin!

These quiches are quick and easy. They only take maybe 10 minutes to mix up the ingredients and about 20 minutes to bake. Like Chef Dawn’s waffles, they freeze well. Simply take them out of the freezer, heat them in the toaster oven, and have a quick SANE breakfast. They make the perfect on-the-go breakfast or snack. Or, put them in the refrigerator, and serve them cold for the next couple of days. You can also enjoy these quiches for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack. It’s your choice. They make the perfect on-the-go breakfast or snack.

These quiches have quality, color, texture, and flavor — and they are portable and cost-effective!

3. Setpoint Lowering Mashed “Potatoes” and Pasta

An image of a head of cauliflower beside a cooking pot on the stove.In this section of episode 7 of the Diabesity Docu-Series, Chef Dawn shows Jonathan and you some amazing SANE substitutions for potatoes and pasta.

Chef Dawn explains that many people make mashed cauliflower as a substitute for potatoes.  Although SANE, mashed cauliflower doesn’t fool anyone because it doesn’t have the creamy texture of real mashed potatoes. That creamy texture, Chef Dawn explains, is comforting. People need to experience the proper texture when they’re eating a mashed potato substitute.

She demonstrates two amazing different ways to make SANE mashed “potatoes” with the perfect consistency — one with high-quality grain and one that is grain-free. The version with grain is a great way to gradually increase the SANEity of your meals. The grain content isn’t super high, and it emphasizes cauliflower and other SANE ingredients.

Both of these recipes are quicker and easier to make than homemade mashed potatoes, too. No more peeling potatoes! Plus, the ingredients are really inexpensive.

As for pasta substitutes, Chef Dawn demonstrates a great way to make zoodles, which are grain-free. Though typically made with zucchini — hence the “z” for zoodles — you can use many different vegetables. Chef Dawn prefers making hers with zucchini, however.

Unlike the two recipes for SANE mashed potato substitutes, zoodles will never pass for real pasta noodles. However, they are tasty and a great way to eliminate starchy inSANE carbs from your diet. It also has the texture of pasta.

4. The Secret to Irresistible Vegetables

This section of the Diabesity Documentary episode 7 shows Chef Dawn making vegetables quickly that are also delicious and nutritious. Chef Dawn says, “People don’t realize how quick and easy it is to bring water to a boil and blanch a few vegetables.”

She shows you a trick to making tasty, nutritious vegetables that is quick and easy, uses very few dishes, and are delicious. She shows you how to make easy, delicious snap peas, carrots, broccoli, and more, in less time than it would take to microwave them.

You won’t believe how delicious and bright and colorful blanched vegetables are! Eat them plain, or add some SANE sauces, and you’re good to go.

SANE eating is simple

The foods Chef Dawn prepared were absolutely as delicious as they looked. Even better, they were so easy to prepare. No culinary or chef experience is needed for these simple recipes. High-quality diabesity defeating SANE eating and cooking truly is a family activity, that everyone can enjoy and take part in.  Food is all about love, and eating does not have to be boring!

In the Diabesity Docu-series episode 7, Chef Dawn shows you how to spice it up while still staying focused on defending against diabetes and obesity.  And if you enjoy cooking delicious and satisfying recipes, be sure to check out the complete “Cooking with Chef Dawn and Jonathan” video cooking class that is part of the premium package. When you add these to your library you will never need another cooking video. Jonathan will show you how you can get all of these videos shortly.

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