jane's sane story

Jane’s SANE Story

Changed My Life! I’m a Registered Dietitian who has struggled with weight my entire life, sometimes successfully, sometime not so much.  In fact my struggle with food was what motivated me to go into Dietetics.  I was even a chunky kid. Jane’s SANE Story: Registered Dietitian Becomes Strong I managed to keep my weight at […]

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Robert’s SANE Story

“I’ve tried every diet out there. Finally, I’m not hungry anymore, and the weight is staying off. I can really tell that my body is readjusting itself! When you look at a piece of stuffed crust pizza, something I used to love, and go “Yeah, it looks OK, but man all that bread… Yuck!” you […]

ryan's sane story

Ryan’s SANE Story

I feel 20 years younger. I am no longer tired all day. I no longer feel sick and weak all the time. Every part of my life has been improved by this change. Even my kids are eating better. The best part is that I was able to lose all of this weight without any […]

Alicia's sane story

Alicia’s SANE Story

My seamstress had to take in my dress twice. I was delighted. The crazy thing was how easy it all was. I achieved my goals without caloric restriction, fasting, stimulants, or cleanses. No hunger, no cravings. I was eating high-quality, satisfying food, in greater volume than ever, and I was getting stronger and leaner. Alicia’s […]

shane's sane story

Shane’s SANE Story

“My journey started pretty much like everyone else. I have been through the Weight Watchers and tried exercising but could not lose but maybe 10-25 pounds. So it lasted maybe a month or two then went back the way I normally would eat. This opened my eyes on how easy and enjoyable a healthy lifestyle […]

Alan's sane story

Alan’s SANE Story

…it seemed counterintuitive because I was eating more than ever! One of the best things is that the more you follow the plan, the easier it is. Making healthy choices becomes easier, because you WANT to make that choice, not because you need to. Cravings go away. Laziness goes away. Those things are replaced with […]

tom's sane story

Tom’s SANE Story

Words cannot express how thankful I am for this program. How do you thank someone for giving you your life back? I life fuller and richer than you ever thought possible. I feel awesome. Life is awesome. This lifestyle is awesome! I don’t see myself as “Big” anymore. Tom’s SANE Story: Dropped 65 Lbs. and […]

jim's sane story

Jim’s SANE Story

I am stronger than ever & shed 6” from my waist. My LDL dropped from 220 to 165 and my blood pressure dropped from 150/90 to 110/70. 100% better for sleep apnea. I feel fully alive for the first time in decades. Jim’s SANE Story: I Got My Heart and Life Back Most of us […]