tom's sane story

Tom’s SANE Story

Words cannot express how thankful I am for this program. How do you thank someone for giving you your life back? I life fuller and richer than you ever thought possible. I feel awesome. Life is awesome. This lifestyle is awesome! I don’t see myself as “Big” anymore. Tom’s SANE Story: Dropped 65 Lbs. and […]

jim's sane story

Jim’s SANE Story

I am stronger than ever & shed 6” from my waist. My LDL dropped from 220 to 165 and my blood pressure dropped from 150/90 to 110/70. 100% better for sleep apnea. I feel fully alive for the first time in decades. Jim’s SANE Story: I Got My Heart and Life Back Most of us […]

dan's sane story

Dan’s SANE Story

I’d been on a diet decades ago, which like every diet, works until you can’t stand it anymore. Then you revert back to the weight you were before or worse get even heavier. I was determined to find something that not only works but that I could be happy with for life. Found it! Note […]

jonathans sane story

Jonathan’s SANE Story

…I landed at 230LBS …In the first week I dropped about 10-15 pounds. Now after about a year of eating as close to SANE as possible I weigh in at 158 LBS. I used to wear a size 40 pant, now I’m in a 30. I had to wear XL shirts, now I am in a […]

henry's sane story

Henry’s SANE Story

It’s hard to believe that this not only works, but works so well. The good thing about science is that it works whether you believe it or not. I am glad to say that I feel stronger and leaner than before, my blood work looks great, and I actually weigh as much as I did […]