Diabesity Weight Loss and Hormonal Healing Solutions Series Program – Episode 1 Replay & Recap

diabesity-solutions-series-Episode-1-replay-recapWelcome to the Diabesity Weight Loss and Hormonal Healing Solutions Series Program — Episode 1 Replay & Recap.

Diabesity. If you have never heard this term but think it sounds vaguely familiar, there’s a reason for that. The term, “diabesity,” is a blend of two words: diabetes and obesity. Diabesity is a condition in which diabetes and obesity occur simultaneously. Diabesity is the most common and deadly disease facing the world today. It affects more than 1 billion people worldwide, including 50% of Americans over 65.

The Diabesity Documentary  Series gives you the information you need to prevent or reverse this deadly disease. Jonathan Bailor, author of The New York Times Bestseller, The Calorie Myth, and founder of SANE Solution, along with doctors from the Harvard Medical School, discuss scientifically proven ways you can avoid this disease.

Much of what you learn in the Docu-Series Episode 1 and in the entire Weight Loss and Hormonal Healing Solutions Series Program may be new information for you. You didn’t hear the truth about how to permanently lose weight from diet gurus and fitness instructors. Your healthcare doctor certainly didn’t give you the correct information on sustainable weight loss, or how to prevent or reverse type 2 diabetes.

Why? Because they either didn’t know the information Jonathan and doctors from the Harvard Medical School shares with you in the Diabesity Solutions Series Episode 1, or they didn’t care to know the truth. They didn’t dig into over 1,300 scientific studies as Jonathan did to reveal the reason you — and hundreds of millions of people like you — have not been able to lose weight permanently.

Saving Lives, Beginning With Diabesity Solutions Series Module 1

Despite the fact that diabesity is the largest health epidemic in human history, according to a 2017 report published in Clinical Diabetes and Endocrinology, health “experts” have not done nearly enough research to find out how to end obesity and type 2 diabetes. Well…everything you wanted to know to end yo-yo dieting and prevent diabetes — thereby ending the diabesity epidemic — is included in the Series Episode 1-8. This series can save your life or the life of someone you love. This information could have saved the life of Jonathan’s beloved grandfather Ben, his “Superman.”

East Chicago, Indiana, 1991

The Solutions Series Episode 1 begins with a reenactment of a devastating tragedy in young Jonathan’s life, losing his grandfather Ben.

Ben was a second-generation American without even a high-school education who worked in a factory his entire life so that all four of his kids could go on to earn Master’s degrees. He was a real Superman until he was faced with a supervillain — diabetes.

In 1991, when Jonathan was in grade school, his grandfather was rushed to the hospital. In the waiting room, a terrified Jonathan heard his grandfather yell, “Don’t let them take my leg!!!” The family abided by his grandfather’s wishes. He kept his leg, but the diabetes-induced sepsis took his life. His grandfather’s death lit a fire inside of Jonathan to help others, to ultimately find the real cause and a cure for type 2 diabetes.

How Jonathan’s Failures Led Him to the Truth: Diabesity Movie Episode 1

Losing his grandfather at an early age was the primary reason Jonathan became a gym rat/personal trainer while still a teenager. Growing up, he felt the need to help others optimize their body and mind to live their best lives. Mostly though, he felt compelled to help people avoid the diabesity that had taken his grandpa from his family.

He also wanted to “bulk up.” His older brother, whom he admired greatly, was muscular. Jonathan wanted to look like him. He eventually learned, however, that he could eat 6,000 calories per day and still not gain any weight. He wasn’t able to change his body the way he wanted to.

As he was struggling to change his body — making it bigger — his clients were struggling to lose weight. They also weren’t able to change their bodies the way they wanted to — making it smaller. And even if they did, it was temporary and ended up leaving them less healthy and happy than before.

Sound familiar?

As Jonathan worked with these clients, giving them the only advice he knew at the time and the only advice you’ve probably ever been given — eat less and exercise more — he began to feel bad for his clients. The Diabesity Solutions Series Episode 1, features a reenactment of a conversation personal-trainer Jonathan had with one of his clients named Gail. She has been eating less than 1,200 calories a day, exercising regularly, with nothing to show for it. She even gained a pound! Jonathan tells her to just be patient. She says, “I’ve never had to struggle to gain weight, Jonathan.”

Again…sound familiar?

Though he and his clients were following the calories in = calories out theory of weight gain and loss, it wasn’t working for them. Why?

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Jonathan’s Breakthrough in the Diabesity Documentary   Episode 1

Puzzled, Jonathan went to his college professor parents for advice. His mom said something that really resonated with him and led to a breakthrough in his thinking. She said, “Jonathan, you and your clients are not suffering from an effort problem. You’re all trying really hard. What you have sounds like an information problem.”

Jonathan realized he had to throw away everything he thought he understood about metabolism and draw upon his “geeky” roots and his parents’ access to university research libraries and begin a whole new journey of discovery.

Over the next 15 years, Jonathan dug through over 1,300 scientific studies, medical journals, academic research, and what he learned was astounding.

Jonathan discovered that everything he had learned as a personal trainer was not only wrong, it was harmful. What were some of those discoveries?

Mind-Blowing Discoveries Revealed in the Diabesity Docu-Series Episode 1

  • Body weight is controlled more by biology, than by willpower.
  • As Dr. David Ludwig, of the Harvard Medical School, explains in the Series Episode 1, when you cut calories, you will lose weight. But your body fights back against what it sees as starvation. Hunger increases, a signal your body is crying out for more calories. Even if you can withstand the hunger, your body has other tricks, such as slowing your metabolism. A calorie restrictive diet is very difficult to maintain long-term, and almost impossible to maintain for a lifetime.
  • The body has a scientifically proven setpoint weight that the body defends.
  •  Many factors can cause the setpoint weight to rise.
  • To lose weight permanently, identify the source of your elevated setpoint weight — each of which are discussed in detail in the Series — and reverse them to lower the body weight setpoint. As Dr. Ludwig says, once you do that, hunger naturally declines and metabolism speeds up. You then lose weight with your body’s cooperation, not with your body kicking and screaming.

Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity: High Preventable Diseases

  • As Dr. JoAnn Manson of the Harvard Medical School says in the Solutions Series Episode 1, type 2 diabetes is a highly preventable and modifiable disease. Research shows it is very strongly linked to lifestyle factors and that with fairly straightforward lifestyle modifications, there is a marked reduction in the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
  • Obesity is also a highly preventable and modifiable disease. With easy lifestyle modifications you will learn in the Solutions Series, you will lower your setpoint weight and have the metabolism of a naturally thin person.

What is Setpoint?

In a nutshell, setpoint refers to the level of stored fat the body works to maintain by regulating your appetite and metabolism through your hormones, genes, and brain, regardless of the quantity of calories you take in or exercise off.

Setpoint also explains why you have such a tough time keeping fat off through traditional diet and exercise programs. Think of it as a clogged sink. What if your plumber came in and said the cure for the clog was to stop using your sink? Sure this fixes the symptom (the sink’s not going to overflow) but not the cause (what’s causing the clog?). And who wants dirty hands for the rest of their life?! The cause of that clog is eating poor-quality foods and establishing habits that throw your fat-burning, appetite-taming hormones out of whack.

This series and the program is about lowering your setpoint in order to keep your body in a fat-burning mode and at healthy blood sugar levels 24/7/365 so that you are naturally protected from diabesity. When this happens, you also KEEP those pounds off and KEEP diabetes at bay… long-term. Every day of your life, you will wake up in the energy, body, and health that you deserve and that may have previously seemed impossible.

Factors that Raise Setpoint Weight

diabesity-solutions-series-Episode-1-replay-recapThree of the most important factors that raise your setpoint are poor nutrition, stress, and lack of sleep. All three are discussed throughout the Diabesity Series. The Diabesity Weight Loss and Hormonal Healing Solutions Series Program — Episode 1 takes an in-depth look at nutritional factors that cause an elevated setpoint weight. This episode reveals the types of foods that elevate setpoint weight.

Many studies show poor-quality diet is key in the development of both obesity and diabetes, which are both epidemics. That’s not surprising because obesity is the biggest risk factor for type 2 diabetes. In fact, if someone has obesity, there is a 90% chance they will develop type 2 diabetes.

That is why diabesity has become an epidemic. It is killing us. Right now, our children have a lower life expectancy than we do. Having diabesity significantly increases your risk of heart disease, stroke, dementia, Alzheimer’s, cancer, high blood pressure, amputation, blindness, and kidney failure. Despite the epidemic and these serious and deadly health risks, traditional healthcare still tries to treat this condition with the “eat less, exercise more,” mythology that actually makes things worse!

What is the truth, then?

Causes of an Elevated Body Weight and Blood Sugar Setpoint

Diabesity is caused by an elevated body weight setpoint and blood sugar setpoint. These elevated setpoints are caused by neurological inflammation, which affects your brain; digestive dysbiosis, which affects your gut; and hormonal dysregulation, which affects your hormones.

The Series shows you how to heal all three of the factors above to either reverse or completely avoid diabesity. One of the most important ways to lower setpoint weight and avoid or reverse diabesity is to improve the quality of your diet.

In the Diabesity Solutions Series Episode 1, you’ll discover:

  • What types of foods elevate body weight setpoint and blood sugar setpoint
  • Which foods lower body weight setpoint and blood sugar setpoint.
  • How the acronym S-A-N-E can help you determine the highest quality food to fill your life with diet abundance.
  • Why SANE eating has nothing to do with eating less and exercising more.
  • How you can prevent by eating more high-quality foods.
  • Why the USDA Food Guide Pyramid may be among the worst eating strategies for someone who is diabese.
  • Why low-fat dieting over the past two decades has led to a massive increase in the prevalence of obesity.
  • How dietary fat lowers setpoint weight and helps reverse diabesity.

Are You Ready to Go SANE?

With the tools we’ll give you in this episode and the remainder of the Series, you can literally re-engineer your body into the body of a naturally slim, healthy, and effortlessly diabesity-free person.

The bottom line is, you can transform your body. And it’s easier than you think. You can eat more, not less—and you will get leaner and healthier in the process. You can enjoy an astounding level of energy, vibrancy, love, and satisfaction in your life—without starving yourself or spending hours in a gym.  And you don’t have to suffer. You just need the correct information and the right guidance to avoid diabesity, which is exactly what you’ll learn here.

Next Step: Enjoy Diabesity Solutions SERIES Episode 1 Replay & Recap with the SANE

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