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Type 2 Diabetes: Reverse with Diet or Treat with Chemicals


Type 2 diabetes is the world’s fastest growing disease. According to the World Health Organization, more than 422 million people globally suffer from diabetes. In 1980, just 108 million had this disease. (Though these figures include both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, the latter is the most common type and the one most responsible […]

Obesity: Food, Drink, Exercise, or Sleep?


Obesity is a public health crisis.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, 36.5% of U.S. adults are obese, a condition that increases their risk for many serious diseases. It also drives up medical costs for the nation. For instance, the estimated annual medical cost for obesity in the U.S. is more than $147 bill.

It’s no wonder, then, that government agencies, medical experts, and researchers scramble to find an answer that solves the obesity problem once and for all. But the usual sources can’t offer quick solutions — and you definitely won’t find any answers from the hundreds of money-grubbing diet and fitness gurus out there. Why?

Nutrient Deficiency: Real Cause of the Obesity Epidemic

If you think having a nutrient deficiency is something that happens only in those living in third-world countries, think again. Despite living in one of the wealthiest nations in the world, many Americans suffer from at least one nutrient deficiency. The list of symptoms for most nutrient deficiencies is long. Depending on the nutrient, some […]

Is Heart Disease the Government’s Deadliest Mistake?


Heart disease kills more men and women in the United States than any other disease. It claims the lives of around 610,000 Americans every year. But the fatalities of heart disease, though tragic, are the smallest statistic. Much larger numbers are those suffering from one of several types of heart disease. For instance, over 5 […]

Why High Cholesterol Does NOT Cause Heart Disease


If you think high cholesterol causes heart disease, you’re not alone. The Centers for Disease Control. The American Heart Association. The Mayo Clinic. Go to any of their websites. You’ll find information telling you that high cholesterol causes heart disease. Their articles explain how high serum cholesterol levels cause fatty deposits to build up in […]

Prevent Diabesity by Burning Belly Fat – 4 Secrets Doctors Won’t Tell You


If you’ve been wondering if you can really prevent diabesity by burning belly fat, the answer is YES. But few doctors can tell you how to do that successfully. Instead, they’ll focus on the same tired old advice — that you can eat the same foods, only less of them — that likely gave you […]

7 Amazing Ways to Prevent Diabesity While Burning Fat


  Diabesity – the combination of type 2 diabetes and obesity – has become a public health crisis. This makes finding a healthy, sustainable way to lose weight essential for many of us. But if you’re like most people who struggle with weight problems, you’ve already tried losing weight and keeping it off. Many times. […]

Have Diabesity? Don’t ask your Doctor for Diet Pills!


If you have been losing the weight loss battle – for years, maybe decades — you know how frustrating it can be. All those fad diets, starvation diets, calorie restricted diets got you nowhere. You even resorted to diet pills a time or two. But as soon as you fell off your diet, the weight […]

Invasive Stomach Surgery to Treat Diabesity: Ideal Treatment or Dangerous Idea?


If you are obese, you have a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The science is quite clear on this issue. Suffering from diabesity, the combination of diabetes and obesity leads to a host of serious health conditions. The science is quite clear on this, too. But what the science is not clear on […]

FDA Assisted Bulimia: Agency Approves Aspire Bariatrics to Fight Diabesity

Diabesity, Aspire Bariatrics

Diabesity, the combination of type 2 diabetes and obesity, is a huge public health crisis. It is also a frustrating, seemingly hopeless condition for approximately 350 million people globally. There is a SANE answer to the diabesity epidemic, but nothing is more inSANE than what Aspire Bariatrics wants to do about it – and to […]