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Whether these SANE individuals went on a journey of self-discovery and stumbled upon the setpoint diet or any number of our postbiotics patented products – each story is incredible.

Rodney SANE

Rodney: Lower A1C and Better Health!

During a visit to the doctor to manage my asthma, he discovered that my A1C levels were high. I then realized that I had to make some changes in my life and committed to better health because I don’t want to have to stay on meds. Since discovering SANE, I have lost some weight and […]

Jayne M SANE

Jayne: From Sugar Addicted to Feeling Amazing

High blood sugar is what compelled me to take major action in my life.  Since discovering SANE, the way I eat has changed; my body is glowing with health.   I can wear my “skinny” shorts and I’m never hungry. I’m also no longer addicted to sugar. SANE is different from anything that I’ve tried […]


Jane: Motivated and Moving without Counting!

No counting, no weighing, and measuring! There were several things together that made me realize I needed to take action and make some changes in my life; my son’s wedding, adventure travel trips, wanting to keep up with the grandkids, and impending retirement. Since discovering SANE, I feel a sense of accomplishment after having failed […]

Rachel SANE

Rachel: Tired of being Tired Found – My SANEity

“It’s a real, doable way of life.” There wasn’t one event that compelled me to take action in my life. I was just tired of being tired. Since discovering SANE I’ve realized all the misgivings I had about the standard food pyramid have been validated. Jonathan did the research to prove the best way to […]

Annette M SANE

Annette: A Balanced Perspective

Discovering SANE has been a life-changer for me. I have made efforts to address my health, my weight, and my diabetes in the past, before being introduced to SANE, but, I didn’t realize what I was doing, the starvation and yo-yo dieting, had done more damage than good and I was not healing from the […]